Music Quest – the introduction

music |?myo?zik|
ORIGIN Middle English : Latin from Greek mousik? (tekhn?) ‘(art) of the Muses,’ from mousa ‘muse.’

quest |kwest|
verb [ intrans. ]
search for something : he was a real scientist, questing after truth.

Hi everyone. My name is Vanessa (aka, ShePatch). And I’m going on a music quest.
What this means, I’m not entirely certain. But I think that is what’s best for a quest. Add ‘ions’ and you’ve got questions. You can help me find the answers or simply watch as I try to do just that.

When I was very young and would listen to a song with a friend, I would ask sincerely, “Do you feel that?” My friend would reply, “Feel what?” And I would say, “when this song comes on the radio, I feel like my heart is pushing up against my ribs.” I couldn’t explain the feeling well back then, and though I’ve come to a better understanding of the sensation of love some songs provoke, I still can’t really explain it now. Music is in my heart, on my mind, many times coming out of my mouth and through my fingers. And though I discover the music inside me through singing, playing piano and listening, there are still many things about music I want to uncover.

My mother was a piano teacher out of our home before she became the CEO of a company dedicated to the distribution of a non-surgical spinal treatment device my father invented. She told me she would give piano lessons with me on her lap. My mother never pushed music on me, simply showed me how beautiful and therapeutic it can be and taught me whenever I wanted to learn. She told stories of where music took her – one time it even protected her from burglars when she was in college. She had a house with roommates and a bunch of men broke in. One of the men pointed to her piano and told my mother to play it. She calmly started playing Stairway to Heaven. At the end of the song the men were asleep, and when they awoke they left with nothing but music resonating within them and deep relaxation.

She was mostly a classical pianist until she was in her early thirties. She had a string of spiritual experiences that lead her to explore more through music, and here I wont get too much into this because it is not my experience to share and I don’t wish to use any language that would misconstrue what happened to her. But I will say that during these experiences she would sometimes hear music, numbers, and words that would later compel her to explore what was happening to her and why. She bought recording equipment, and would soon put out music for meditation, conceptual CDs to mirror her unique experiences, tracks that would later be heard on MTV, and she explored various genres – and made some new genres that record distributors could not even categorize.

My mother also would research the healing properties of music and frequencies, the relation to breath and beat, and dabbled in the information out there about hidden messages and influences of popular music.

When I was in high school I received a scholarship to attend a cultural arts school part time and majored in acting. Though I loved acting, I would still cut class to go into practice room 26 and play piano for hours. After some college where I studied jazz, I moved to LA wanting to make music.  Soon I began experiencing a feeling of urgency to do something more. My vision has expanded quite a bit and I want to not only make music but discover everything I can about the music in me, and music itself. Being in Los Angeles and hearing doubts and narrow advice about how to go about being a musician is making me want to see if I can make music simply by communicating my desire to do so.

I learn as much as possible about what my mother had begun to learn. The healing properties of music, hidden messages, frequencies, and hopefully that list will go on. I want to learn from people who want to share their knowledge. I want to be a pupil, a muse, a band mate.

[audio:|titles=Little_Girl_ShePatch_]There are so many wonderful people out there who understand how musical tones can heal us, how adjusting frequencies adjust our molecules. There are people who don’t even think about what their music means and simply play and uplift. There are people like the person in this video (sent to me by LionPatch)  Years Tree Turntable, who are discovering how to hear the music that nature provides us.

Click here for easy access to download

Click here for easy access to download

A lot of what I do first on my quest may be simply about “emptying the cup,” and finishing, recording, and putting to rest songs I’ve already written to make room for new creations. For the first few weeks I will be releasing “Melodies of ShePatch.”  During this process I hope to communicate with people all over the world who have something to share about the phenomenon of music, the secrets, the uses, the sounds and then work with these individuals to create new music and new understandings.

To start things off, here is a song titled, “Little Girl.” Melodies of ShePatch – Little Girl

You’re invited to come with me on my journey, listen to the music I create along the way, read about the discoveries I find, and expose more questions for me to ask. Let’s see if I can learn why it is that certain music makes us feel like our hearts are pressing up against our ribs.

Thank you and Namaste,

Vanessa Cuccia
[email protected]

9 thoughts on “Music Quest – the introduction”

  1. Little girl is a beautiful song I love it~
    I’m almost compelled to sing it aloud but i have to stop myself as all my family is home haha ^^;

    I can’t wait to hear more music from you ?

  2. I just messaged you on Facebook a few days ago about how much I loved this song. I’m so glad you started this blog as well as put “Little Girl” on youtube! I myself am also a singer songwriter who has been called to deeply explore music and its effects on consciousness. I can very much relate with the feeling in your heart when you hear certain music and people you talk to not really having any idea what you are talking about. I can’t wait to read your future entries and see what kind of things you explore and discover. One thing I started exploring in music was certain chord progressions that would immediately put me in expanded states of consciousness. For example, I moving to iii back and forth, vi VI I V, I vi iii, and I V vi IV. I was wondering if these at all could be related to sacred geometry. Have you been moved in anyway or noticed something special about these chord progressions in particular? I wish you the best of luck on your quest!

  3. Ahhhh such a beautiful song, it made my heart beat faster and as a musician I want to pick my guitar and play along with it, well done Shepatch :D

  4. Vanessa, I will admit I have some trouble putting to words how this song makes me feel. I have been through some tough things lately and am on my own spiritual journey as well. A good friend of mine posted your song on his wall and I have been listening to it for the last 20 minutes. I can only compare the feelings of Joy and hope. Thank you, so much. Your song has brought a little light to a gray time.

  5. Oh, Vanessa. I feel that “heart pushing” feeling you mentioned listening to this song. I love how beautifully simple it is. You have an incredible talent, and I can’t wait to hear more of your stuff. Your music is the kind that I love to sing most. Stuff that makes you feel so full and real inside that you can’t help but smile or cry. I can’t lie….I feel a little overcome listening to it. Blessings to you on your quest! You are making some beautiful first steps!

  6. The link in this is broken but I went to your soundcloud that i found in the picture and I’m fallowing you now. Vary beautiful piano and lyrics its very gentle in feel. I don’t make classical but my mother same as your use to be a piano teacher and her singing and playing use to put me to sleep at night. I’m looking forward to hearing more. If you ever want to experiment with electronic music or collab on a project I will be more then willing. Or if you need your music mastered/mixed I will do it for you!

    -Peace and Love

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