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Scientists Can Now Record And Show You Your Own Dreams

Have you ever wished you could remember your dreams more vividly? Or have you ever wanted to record your dreams and watch them later like a TV program or a great movie?

I don’t know about you, but this is always something I have wanted to do! And now researchers have found a way to translate our every thought and dream into a video that can be watched later.

shutterstock_163173239 (1)This innovative device utilizes existing technologies like Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and supercomputers to make a video of what a person is thinking about through computational models.

The first ever study in the United States was conducted at Brown University in 2011 and in it, three people were asked to wear an EEG device while they slept. They were then woken up in the height of dream activity and asked what they were dreaming about. The device cataloged all of the brain images and stored them.

The scientists repeated this process 200 hundred times for each person and made a database of all of the images. Once they were awake, the scientists showed them the images and scanned their brains again based on their responses.

The people in the study were then asked to sleep again, and the brain scanners went to work. What happened next was revolutionary, the device was able to predict what the person was dreaming about! Continue reading

For The Last Time: Telepathy is Real, Here’s the Groundbreaking Research

To possess the ability to communicate with people without using any medium is a fascinating subject for many. Known as a superpower, telepathy stands right up there with x-ray vision, telekinesis and time freezing, as something people would love to have!

The great news is that recent research is removing the fictional nature of telepathy. Many scientists now don’t regard it as science fiction but closer to actual science that presents a ripe area for research.

Recently, a group a researchers successfully completed a telepathic transmission from one persons mind to another, half way across the world!

The Experiment

Star Labs in Barcelona used sophisticated non-invasive equipment to send a message from a mind in India, all the way to France! The setup involved the sender wearing an electroencephalography (EEG) cap which captured the electrical signals in their cortex.

The focus was on motor transmissions, as this architecture is similar across all human brains. So, the sender was asked to think about moving his hands or feet. Once these signals were captured by the EEG cap, they were sent over to a computer that transcoded it into binary data (0s and 1s) and transmitted it over the internet to another computer situated next to the recipient. Continue reading

CERN proves that the Universe is in complete balance with itself

Do you ever think the odds of the universe are stacked against you?

Not so, says CERN, who with the help of researchers at Brazil’s São Paulo University (USP) and the University of Campinas, have demonstrated that the Universe itself is completely and wholly balanced in perfect symmetry with itself.

cernsnapThe study, more specifically, determined that there is a symmetry between the nuclei of particles and their antiparticles in terms of charge, parity, and time. The experiment one piece of an investigation to discover the differences between how protons and neutrons join in nuclei while their antiparticles form antinuclei.

“After the Big Bang, for every particle of matter an antiparticle was created. In particle physics, a very important question is whether all the laws of physics display a specific kind of symmetry known as CPT, and these measurements suggest that there is indeed a fundamental symmetry between nuclei and antinuclei,” said Marcelo Gameiro Munhoz, a professor at USP’s Physics Institute (IF), as quoted by

To learn more about the Science of this experiment, read here! 


So, what does this experiment have to say about us, as people? How does this discovery relate to you as a person or an understanding of the more… unknown aspects of life?

Truthfully, this discovery actually lends credibility to the 7 concepts of Hermeticism. The demonstration that all things are in complete balance between a fundamental yin and a fundamental yang – a harmonious and synchronous breakdown from the large particles to the small particles and vice versa: As Above, So Below. 

hermesspiraloflightThe concepts of Hermeticism largely express the ebb and flow and pattern that all of reality is made up by. Cause and Effect. Vibration (Up and Down), Gender (Male and Female), and Rhythm (it naturally flows from one to the next). The practical application of these principles are endless to any seeker who explores the concepts as more than just ideas for the mind – but physical action to put into motion.

That means, if you want to know… Read this. And really go deep.

Of course, CERN nor any university will ever actually talk about that and so it’s up to people like us to talk about it and make it known! Even with all of the mess that we have created on this planet from CO2 pollution to draining the reservoirs of all of their water, the output matches the input. There is a grand equals sign right smack in the middle of the equation of why its all happening.

We did it to ourselves, engineered the whole thing happen from the biggest fractals to the smallest… and the moment we fix it, it will be fixed. And of course, until then… Lets enjoy the ride.

With love,
Team Spirit

This Company with the Largest Food Index Wants To Sniff Out Our GMO’s

Clear Labs, a start-up company that sequences human genomes in clinical trials, has recently raised 6.5 million in a Series A Funding to create a molecular data index that includes allergen and contamination data in hopes to become the “google of food”

“Our aim is really to build this comprehensive database upon which we can make food indexable, searchable and with all the types of genetic analytics you can run on top of that,” Ghorashi said in a recent interview.

Researchers with Genetically Modified Corn

For the past two years, Clear Labs has been collecting samples in the United States and analyzing them for genetic collection. (1) The company now holds the worlds largest database of food genetic markers and it wants to use the data, to change how manufacturers manage the food supply.

Unlike other resources that monitor food contamination, Clear Labs aims to index all pre-made foods into their genomic database. Thus, seeking to create a future where food manufacturers can be proactive in food safety rather than reactive to outbreaks and recalls.


According to the Non GMO Project more than 80% of all packaged foods contain genetically modified ingredients, this putting the food industry in the under the microscope as a growing number of consumers distrust this new “frankenfood”.

A recent study estimates that 93% percent of Americans believe that food labels should be added to all genetically modified food and 57% say that they would not buy GMO food.

From left to right: Mahni Ghorashi (Co-founder & CMO), Cyril Bouteille (VP of Engineering), Sasan Amini (Co-founder & CEO)
From left to right: Mahni Ghorashi (Co-founder & CMO), Cyril Bouteille (VP of Engineering), Sasan Amini (Co-founder & CEO)

The debate now rages in Congress with the passing of a bill this month, that would cancel the requirement of labelling GMO Food Products. If the label war is lost, those who are opposed to the Bill, can look to Clear Labs for an answer.

Clear Labs, was established for food retailers and manufacturers who aim to keep close watch on the safety and integrity of their products and (2) by identifying the species of plants, animals, bacteria, and fungi in a sample, they can suss out the authenticity of an ingredient (whether the fish in those fish sticks is really what you think it is). They can also determine if food is contaminated with microbes, if the product contains allergen or has genetically modified ingredients.

The company itself will not hold an opinion of whether or not the food is “bad or good”, their vision, is a future where you can use your smart phone to scan the bar-code label of a product in the grocery store, to see the molecular data.The co-founders are hoping for a consumer application to be released to the public within 5-7 years.

by LJ Vanier




Artificial Leaf Capable Of Producing Oxygen Could Help Us With Long-Term Space Travel

Thanks to graduate student Julian Melchiorri, long-term space travel could soon be a reality. Melchiorri worked with Dezeen and MINI Frontiers to produce the Silk Leaf, an invention capable of sustaining life.

The Silk Leaf is a synthetic biological leaf that will absorb water and carbon dioxide and produce oxygen similar to the way a plant does. It was developed through Melchiorri’s Design Engineering course in collaboration with the Tufts University silk lab. As Gizmodo shares, the leaves consist of chloroplasts suspended in a cast made out of silk proteins.

“I extracted chloroplasts from plant cells and placed them inside this silk protein. As an outcome I have the first photosynthetic material that is living and breathing as a leaf does,” Melchiorri said.

The designer notes that he was inspired from the beginning to build off of nature’s own system and take advantage of a proven method.

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The cool thing about the invention  is that it won’t just be handy for exploring the far reaches of the galaxy, it could be used on Earth to purify air and produce more oxygen.

What are your thoughts on this intriguing innovation? Comment below and share this article! 

Article inspired by TrueAcivist.Com

3 Ways Modern Technology Can Help You Achieve A Zen Mind

You would naturally think that Western technology and Eastern Zen meditation practice are as incompatible as they can get. In some ways this is correct but modern scientific research is finding points of convergence, most interestingly in using applied technology to hack into brain performance and optimal brain states that would otherwise be only achievable through years of dedicated practice.

The onset of these mind technologies was spurred by improved scientific instruments and tools such as fMRI, EEG devices and other latest brain scan technology that have uncovered a lot of data and information about the neurology behind ancient practices such as meditation.

Through these devices scientists were able to, for instance, examine brain scans of experienced meditators such as Zen Buddhist monks while meditating and literally see how and which part of the brain is being affected. Through this data and technologies, they can now understand which brain states can be stimulated to achieve focused and mindful states or ones in which the left and right brain hemispheres are in sync as experienced by seasoned meditators.

This is not Sci-fi technology but one that is available to the masses for under $300. Here is the what and how:

1) Bio-feedback Devices and Apps

Bio-feedback devices have been around for quite some time, but latest technology has brought this to a whole new level. In essence, bio-feedback devices are devices which give you real-time feedback of your state of mind so you can train yourself to enter into optimal states in relatively short learning cycles. Older bio-feedback technology relied on physiological cues such as heartbeat and skin conductivity.

With the latest EEG technology, bio-feedback devices are now wearable EEG headbands which detect your brain wave signals and hence your levels of brain activity (thus perhaps neuro-feedback devices would be more apt as a term). A predominance of Alpha brain waves, for instance would show that you are in a calm mindful state whereas higher frequency Beta waves would show you are somehow feeling stressed or anxious. This of course is an over-simplification. The technology makes use of various measures to accurately determine your overall mental state.

A trending EEG neuro-feedback device on the market is Muse. The product, a headband wirelessly connected to a mobile app, is a state of the art brain fitness tool. The headband measures your brain activity and the app monitors and gives you visual feedback in realtime. The app provides mental exercises which can be used to train yourself gain more focus, mindfulness, enter calmer states of mind and form positive habits with just a few minutes practice a day.

A great and sophisticated meditation tool. The enormous advantage of such feedback devices is obviously the possibility of reaching such mind states at an incredibly fast pace as against doing it by trial and error over a long period of time. And for those yoga/meditation purists – one word of advice: Do not downplay it or judge before you try it because you will be in for a surprise (it happened to me!).

2) Brainwave Entrainment Technology:

This is one of the simplest and most effective brain technologies and one which I have a great affinity to. I use brainwave entrainment on a daily basis. Once again the technology comes from scientific research in neuroscience. When clusters of neuron cells in the brain are activated and communicate with each other they give off an electric signal within a certain frequency range. Such frequencies are called brain waves. Different states of mind, such as when in deep meditation, or conversely when anxious and stressed, give off different brain waves.

The idea behind brain wave entrainment is to have audio tracks called ‘binaural beats’ that are in the frequency of a desired brain wave, say for example Theta waves (deep meditation, borderline wakefulness). Listening to such a frequency ‘entrains’ the brain to enter into that state – the Theta state in this case – over a short period of time (in my case deeper states are entered between 10 to 20 minutes approximately).

My favourite brainwave entrainment tool is OmHarmonics – one of the best on the market so far. I like the sound engineering and quality put behind this product. Other very good brainwave entrainment products I like are holo-sync  The advantage of the latter is the greater variety of specific programs they have.

3) Brain-Enhancing Nootropics

Nootropics are the hottest trend of the moment in both the personal development and health and fitness world. Nootropics are essentially a group of smart drugs that target cognitive and neurological enhancement most popularly memory, motivation, focus & attention and mood.

There is a lot of growing interest in these smart drugs from people who require top mental performance such as CEOs of multibillion organisations to every man and woman on the street who need to balance and sharpen their mental abilities within a demanding lifestyle.

Nootropics are approved and regulated smart drugs that can be bought over the counter or internet for under $50. They can come in normal capsule form or as a Nootropic drink as this innovative company does with Think drink. The latter product is basically a powerful attention and focus enhancer in a drink.

The main active ingredients are Piracetam and Oxiracetam ( a class of cognitive-enhancing Nootropics called Racetams), DHA and CDP Choline together with other amino acids and nutrients well know to aid in mental performance and overall health.

Another very popular and noteworthy Nootropic is Alpha Brain  which claims significant improvement in verbal memory, focus and mental clarity.

Once again as with the other technologies above, such Nootropics were made possible by research on the underlying neurology of optimal brain states such as those studied on Zen meditation practitioners. OK popping a Nootropic pill might not give you enlightenment but it certainly does help you achieve greater focus and attention which is a great aid alongside traditional mind practices such as meditation or Yoga.

So what is the bottom line? Can technology help you achieve a Zen mind? I think the verdict is a definite yes, controversial as it may sound for some. The way I see it is that these new technologies are power tools of the mind that have been arrived at by the combination of thorough scientific research and ancient practices refined over centuries and millennia. The result is certainly a sophisticated distillation of human knowledge put into practical use for the masses and this for me is a big achievement in itself.

Source: This article was written by Gilbert Ross. You can find him on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and his blog Soulhiker. You can also take his course at Udemy.

This article was originally featured on SoulHiker, where it was used with permission from the author.