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Raven Fon is a freelance writer and a globetrotting journalist. She studied creative writing and journalism at Saint Petersburg College and has since been a contributor to several written and online publications, including her own She is an avid lover of comics, cartoons, and video games, and believes everyone writes better while wearing a cape.

This Video Captures The Shocking Effect Light Pollution Has On Our Skies

By Raven Fon

I’m sure you already know about artificial light and how it blocks our natural view of the stars at night. However, there is a time-lapse video from Sriram Murali, a photographer, which reveals the difference on our skies like you’ve never seen before.

Titled Lost in Light, the video shows us exactly what we are missing out on.  After watching the varying differences in light pollution levels, which starts counting down from level 8 in San Jose to level 1 in Eureka Dunes, you will want to run off to the nearest wilderness to do some serious stargazing.

What are light pollution levels? Well, they’re based on the  Bortle scale, which measures how bright the sky is at night, and also, how well you can see the stars. The scale runs from #1, which is clear dark sky, to #9, which is inner-city sky.

“Finding locations to shoot at every level of light pollution was a challenge and getting to the darkest skies with no light pollution was a journey in itself,”  says Murali. Continue reading

3 Signs You’ve Met Someone You Knew In A Past Life

By Raven Fon

Have you felt irrational anger, or frustration with someone you barely know? Or what about love? Have you ever been inexplicably drawn towards someone who you felt understood you completely? 

If you’ve ever had something like that happen, or if you have experienced any of the 3 following signs, you’ve probably met someone from a previous life.

1.You feel an immediate connection to them – or the exact opposite.


When we consider those people from our past lives, we usually think of people who were close to us, like  friends or relatives- maybe even those who we once loved.

Oftentimes, when you run into someone you once knew from your past life, you feel an instant connection.

But what if it is a person who you didn’t really like very much? Continue reading

Press This Hidden Button On Your Body To Relieve Your Stress & Anxiety

By Raven Fon

For years, people have rolled their eyes at traditional Chinese medicine, but things are different today.

This particular method of Chinese medicine has been around for over 2,500 years, and is now globally recognized to treat many health problems, including alleviating stress and anxiety.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that each individual possesses specific acupressure points throughout their body. These lie along what’s referred to as energy meridians.shutterstock_65230975

Our qi, or life force, flows through these meridians. Acupressure can help stimulate these areas if they aren’t functioning as well as they should be. Chinese medicine has identified twelve of  these energy meridians which connect to  major organs, as well as help keep the body in balance. The belief is that if  one of your energy meridians isn’t working properly, your body isn’t going to work properly either.

If we apply pressure to certain parts of the body, we can help reduce the unpleasant and unfortunate side effects of stress and anxiety. This process is commonly referred to as acupressure, and is similar to acupuncture but involves the use of fingertips instead of needles.  If pressure is applied to the CV 17 area, immediate relief is felt.

CV 17 is short for ‘conception vessel 17’, the center of the chest. If you ever feel overcome by stress and anxiety, the middle of your chest will be slightly painful when applying  pressure to it. This area, CV 17,  feeds into the heart-energy center of the body, and according to traditional Chinese medicine, the heart center carries the body’s emotions. So when a person becomes stressed, this area becomes sore and puts the rest of the body out of sync. Continue reading

New Moon In Leo: Opening Your Heart & Manifesting Romance in Your Life

The New Moon in Leo brings us an incredible manifestation opportunity this month!

While all New Moons are manifesting moons, this one is one of a kind- this Leo New Moon is sharing the sign of the Lion with Venus!

Leos are all about romance and love, and Venus rules over love, romance and creative inspiration. What a powerful message of love from the universe during this time


Leo is a sign that carries “happy” energy, and they are all about the Heart and love.  The Heart is the new mind and it is constantly contemplating the potential of love.  Leos are warm and generous people, and  their higher energies stem from the core of, you guessed it, love.  Spiritually, Leos live from their center- from their Heart.

The physical Heart of Leo is ruled by the Sun, and the emotional Heart is ruled by the moon.  That means that this New Moon is an opportunity for both the physical and emotional Heart of Leo to unify and fully blossom as we shift into and co-manifest this “New”.

The New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle. This phase of the Moon is the most spiritual and intuitive of the entire Lunar cycle. During  this period, we feel like we are filled with the mystery of night, and enveloped in the splendor of darkness.

The New Moon creates a certain stillness in time; the blanket of stars and absence of the Full Moon’s illumination give us the ability to travel back and contemplate our Souls message- all of this while seeing vast potential in front of us. This is the perfect time for manifestation, meditation, and creation. Continue reading

6 Incredible Ways Ginger Water Can Help Heal Your Body

By Raven Fon

Did you know that drinking ginger water every day can heal a multitude of physical ailments?

Along with being a powerful fighter against cancer, ginger is known to be one of the healthiest spices in the world. In fact, for over 2,000 years in Asian countries it has been recognized as a medicinal herb that could cure almost anything!

After this short list of ways drinking ginger water can heal your body, you will find a helpful recipe on how to make ginger water using either the root, or powder.

1. It Can Help You Lose Weight.shutterstock_364945076

There are several reasons why someone might need to lose weight.

Whether it is a pre-surgery requirement, a recommendation from your doctor, or a personal desire to be healthier, losing weight isn’t easy.

If you need a natural metabolic booster, try drinking ginger water. Not only does the ginger detoxify your system, assisting with shedding pounds, but it also helps suppress your appetite by making you feel fuller, longer.

2. It Can Alleviate Digestion Problems.

IBS affects 25-45 million Americans every year. It can cause extreme amounts of pain- bloating, gas, cramps, diarrhea, and even constipation are some of its unpleasant effects. But, if you have IBS (or any other digestive issue) you are in luck! Drinking ginger water can provide relief by relaxing and soothing the intestines, which helps remove all symptoms of IBS.

3. It Can Prevent And Ease Nausea.

shutterstock_379795546One of ginger’s most well known healing attributes is its use in the treatment of nausea. For those who develop a queasy sensation whenever you  get into a car or ride in a boat, ginger can be your saving grace. In fact, it can be of great help to anyone who feels nauseous for any reason- even if motion sickness isn’t to blame. Continue reading

Check Out These Delicate Human Organs Made From Foraged Flowers & Plants

Our insides rarely get the attention they deserve. Sometimes, we need a beautiful reminder about the vital machinery which keeps us alive and well.

Guatemalan-born artist Camila Carlow has created a delicate series of photographs in which she uses wild, foraged, plants and flowers that are sculpted into these precious organs. Carlow has titled the project Eye Heart Spleen.

Her photographic project consists of 12 images , all of which currently hang in the permanent Collection in Southmead Hospital in Bristol, UK.

Carlow had this to say about her work:

The most fascinating and intricate of biological structures, yet we rarely pay heed to the organs inside our body. Regardless of whether we fill ourselves with toxins or nourishing food, whether we exercise or not—our organs sustain us, working away effortlessly and unnoticed.

In a similar way, plants flourishing in the urban environment are a testament to nature’s indifference to our goings on. They grow out of the sides of buildings, in brick walls and between the cracks in concrete, despite of the traffic and pollution.

Based in Bristol, England, Carlow has had a wide range of artistic endeavors. From fine art painting and photography, to being a cinematographer for video production.  Much of her artwork has been exhibited at the Grant Bradley Gallery in Bristol, stocked in Paper Scissors Stone, Made in Bristol’s pop up shop.  Even her animations have been screened at the Glastonbury Festival, and at the Roxy Bar in London. Needless to say, she is a rather talented woman.

There are a few places you can see more of her work, as well as learn more about these breathtaking pieces. The Etsy shop doesn’t look like it is currently taking orders, but there are other options on her website, and the Eye Heart Spleen Facebook page.

Intestines Continue reading