New Moon In Leo: Opening Your Heart & Manifesting Romance in Your Life

The New Moon in Leo brings us an incredible manifestation opportunity this month!

While all New Moons are manifesting moons, this one is one of a kind- this Leo New Moon is sharing the sign of the Lion with Venus!

Leos are all about romance and love, and Venus rules over love, romance and creative inspiration. What a powerful message of love from the universe during this time


Leo is a sign that carries “happy” energy, and they are all about the Heart and love.  The Heart is the new mind and it is constantly contemplating the potential of love.  Leos are warm and generous people, and  their higher energies stem from the core of, you guessed it, love.  Spiritually, Leos live from their center- from their Heart.

The physical Heart of Leo is ruled by the Sun, and the emotional Heart is ruled by the moon.  That means that this New Moon is an opportunity for both the physical and emotional Heart of Leo to unify and fully blossom as we shift into and co-manifest this “New”.

The New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle. This phase of the Moon is the most spiritual and intuitive of the entire Lunar cycle. During  this period, we feel like we are filled with the mystery of night, and enveloped in the splendor of darkness.

The New Moon creates a certain stillness in time; the blanket of stars and absence of the Full Moon’s illumination give us the ability to travel back and contemplate our Souls message- all of this while seeing vast potential in front of us. This is the perfect time for manifestation, meditation, and creation.


Leos energy isn’t just about Romance and Love- it is also about creating. Your ability to create your future is extremely powerful during this time while Leo is sharing its energy with Venus.

Remember that being creative isn’t solely about art- we can create in all sorts of varying ways. Creativity is nourished by love and inspired by our Heart. During this time of creation, what changes can you make? What about creative changes centering around Love?

This New Moons energies will increase awareness in consciousness, self-confidence, and emotional healing. The energy of Leo may also take us on a much-needed inward journey of self discovery.  It is also important to be aware of Leos grayer energies- entitlement, greatness and ego.

During this New Moon in Leo, you certainly don’t want to manifest those elements. Make use of the positive and inspiring Leo energy to develop more love and creativity.  Keep in mind, Leo is also about honouring your inner-child.  Now is the time to play and have fun- maybe be spontaneous, and fall in love all over again.  Listen to what your inner-child says to you.

This New Moon in Leo is inviting us to not only to open our heart-center, but to also make more effort to hear what wisdom our Hearts grant us- even if there is risk.

Since Venus is also about Love and creativity, the forces felt by this New Moon in Leo can be both exciting, and a bit exhausting.


During the time of this New Moon in Leo,  5 planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, Eris) and Chiron are all in retrograde.  That means there is a lot of internalizing going on. Time spent thinking, meditating, and making a connection to our guides.

When planets are in retrograde, things in our lives shift. If our vibrations aren’t coinciding with the vibrations of those around us, we experience a purge of sorts and move away from people, places, and things. There is a beauty in getting rid of the old, so the new can come in.

Try meditating on these retrograde energies and allow your focus to rest on the things that seem as if they are no longer vibrating where you are currently vibrating. Simply allow them easily fall through your fingers as you peacefully traverse beyond.

Yes, this can be an extremely difficult time for all of our relationships. The challenges we face may stem from the very core of our Souls  The Universe is shoving these things in our faces to make sure we get the point- some changes need to be made. .even if we would rather not make them. Pay attention to how you feel in the presence of certain people, places or things, and listen to what your heart tells you.


The Universe is kindly asking you to distance yourself from whatever isn’t vibrating at the same resonance as you are right now.  This is a gentle reminder to surround yourself with people, places and things that inspire positive feelings. Surround yourself with Love!

Be inspired by this New Moon in Leo to create something new. We are reminded by this New Moon in Leo that we are powerful creators and manifestors, and that we need to let our passions run free once in a while.

Try something new- many a new project at home, or try on a new perspective. Distance yourself from anything that diminishes your joy or creativity. It’s time to start measuring who you are and your success by Love and Joy, rather than material things. Trust in your Heart, and allow it to be your guide during this time.

Give yourself time to play every day, and use your creativity!  Let yourself feel love, and share it with others. Let your divine inner-child shine through!  Allow yourself to feel joy-there is no shame in that.   Meditate and manifest to create a wonderful world for yourself and for all of humanity during this highly-powerful Heart-centered New Moon in Leo.

By Raven Fon

(h/t Love Has Won)

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