3 Signs You’ve Met Someone You Knew In A Past Life

By Raven Fon

Have you felt irrational anger, or frustration with someone you barely know? Or what about love? Have you ever been inexplicably drawn towards someone who you felt understood you completely? 

If you’ve ever had something like that happen, or if you have experienced any of the 3 following signs, you’ve probably met someone from a previous life.

1.You feel an immediate connection to them – or the exact opposite.


When we consider those people from our past lives, we usually think of people who were close to us, like  friends or relatives- maybe even those who we once loved.

Oftentimes, when you run into someone you once knew from your past life, you feel an instant connection.

But what if it is a person who you didn’t really like very much?

Well, there are times when you might feel an automatic repulsion instead by these people. Regardless which reaction they inspire, it’s a sign that you knew them previously.

2.You seem to have a telepathic connection.

I don’t mean the kind of telepathy you see on X-Files, where people have full conversations with their minds. What I am talking about is more of an ear burning sensation when they mention you in conversation, or a tingle on your neck when they are nearby.

You may think of a person and they suddenly send you a text message, or maybe you have a good idea of what they are going to say next. It is a connection that’s difficult to explain, and even harder to ignore.

3. You can see it in their eyes. 

shutterstock_860569Have you ever been easily hypnotized, simply by holding someone’s gaze? Did it feel like you have stared into those depths a million times before?

Well, if those hypnotic orbs seem familiar to you, then it might be because you have seen them- just in a previous life of yours. If and when this happens to you, pay attention.

There is a strong belief held by ancient civilizations that the eyes of a person don’t change when they transition from one life to another; this allows us to recognize our spiritual companions through lifetimes.

What do you think? After reading these 3 signs, did someone you know pop into your head? It’s possible you had an experience with them in a previous life.

h/t TheLimitlessMinds.com

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