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This is What Sound Looks Like Through The Eyes of A Dolphin

Cymatics is the study and creation of models of vibrations. Everything vibrates at a certain level and these scientists are placing different mediums in direct interaction with sound waves and other distinguishable vibrations. Different  sounds create distinct geometric representations in different mediums.

The CymaScope device registers vibrations by sounds on the surface of distilled water. The surface tension of the water provides the stark clarity you can see in the video below. It has been used to record representations of various music and speeches. This representation is how scientists believe that dolphins ‘hear’ and recognize words. Though we don’t quite understand how.shutterstock_369692897

Each medium is beautiful unique in it’s representation of sound. The spiraling geometry is not only an amazing visual but a revealing metaphor for perception. Seeing the shifting shapes in relation to tonal changes is created by crazily simple science.

The medium (in this case water) is vibrated, causing the regions of maximum and minimum displacement are made visible. The Cymascope registers the variations of displacement and clarifies them through imaging technology. Continue reading

4 Ways To Stop Over Overthinking Everything

The mind is a tool with a determined purpose. Its function is to analyze, theorize, invent and project. There are times though, that the mind’s momentum or persistence gets to an unproductive level. It happens to everyone, this urge to shut that mental voice up. Direct influence rarely works with slowing the mind down. You can’t focus on quieting your mind with more thoughts. If you try and command your mind to do something, the brain will respond with an opposing thought.

Here are some ways to get your mind to relax and return to a productive state. Remember that thinking, analyzing and creating is the function of the brain. Forgive yourself for getting frustrated. Thank your brain for its amazing (though at times not helpful) persistence and performance. You wouldn’t get mad at your heart for beating or your cells for dividing, so don’t get upset because your mind is carrying out its duty. The more energy and emotion you use in a direct and opposing fashion, the stronger the formations you are dealing with will get. It takes a more subtle approach then telling your voice to simply shut up.

Connect With Nature

shutterstock_156727028Nature is a great focal point for healthy and productive formations. Nature uses every available resource and is dynamic in the face of adversity. It does the most amazing of actions with out complicated thought or speech. You don’t have to venture into the great unknown every time you want to connect with nature. A walk through a city street can suffice as well. I find this more useful actually.

While walking I try and notice all the trees, weeds, birds or squirrels and never neglect the sky. The parts of nature I can notice represent my true self. The man made structures represent my mind and its attempt to impose on me. See how the tree’s roots are deep and strong? See how it breaks the cement with its persistence? I use this metaphorical line of thought to bring perspective to my situation.

Repeat Mantras Or Peaceful Phrases

A mantra is a sound or phrase that is repeated to build focus and reinforce intention. This practice is used by every religion, normally under different names. The idea is the same in every example though. You can choose a phrase that is practiced or make your own. If you make your own try and keep it simple.

As you notice your mind running astray or overworking, stop what you are doing and breathe. Breathe with purpose, deliberately making your breaths deep and long. Examine the formation and your relation to it from a mental ‘arm’s length’. Look at how it makes you feel, and address it head on. If it’s an upcoming goal or an existing problem then remind yourself of what you are already or planning to do to handle it. Once you have done all you can do to solve it remind yourself that everything that can be done is being done. Smile inward and acknowledge the situation. Release your mental grip on it and release it. Repeat the solution as you breathe. If there was no readily available solution repeat your intention of productivity and love.


Meditation is a powerful tool to regain control over any formation. If your mind is being very persistent in its activity then a seated, passive meditation may be necessary. If this isn’t an option then active meditation can be just as effective.

Bring intention and consciousness to your breath. Bring your attention and sensory focus to the air moving through your nostrils or the movement of your diaphragm. This is the beginning of both passive and active meditations. Here you are waiting for the mind to wander. As it wanders, smile and acknowledge the formation your mind slipped to. Smile and send love to the formation. Then release it.

As your mind tries to wander, it will show you what your fears and desires are. Remind yourself that you are more than the sum of your thoughts and emotions and return to your breath. Follow this pattern until the momentum of your mind slows.


If my mind is racing or upset then I make time to ‘work it out’. The mental focus exercise takes, refreshes my mind. It cancels out the unnecessary formations with positivity and hard work. Instead of passively battling in my skull space, I re task the energy that would have been spent by my mind and me to productive means. When my mind is a mess, I focus on my body. If I’m not feeling hot physically, I focus on my mind or spirit. This displacement of focus is still productively aimed, so I am helping raise my overall being. The endorphin’s created also help enormously.

This 40,000-Year-Old Bracelet Suggests That Ancient Humans Used “Drills” Similar To Ours

Denisova Cave is located deep in the  Bashelaksky Range of the Altai mountains, Siberia, Russia. This mountain range is well known for the discovery of the ‘X woman’ and well preserved remains of now extinct animals. The year long ambient temperature of the region is a chilly 0 degrees. This temperature work to preserve bio material for thousands of years.

Archaeologists have found evidence of a group of humans that don’t fit into the Neanderthal or modern human DNA by at least 202 genetic markers. This race has been dubbed, Denisovans (Denisova hominins).These people lived around 600,000 years ago and are believed to be nomadic. Evidence was found from their name sake’s cave that leads us to believe these people were ingenious craft workers. Little is known about their physical features.


A finger bone of a seven- or eight-year-old Denisovan girl was found near bracelet fragments. While a lot of information was gathered from the finger segment, it was the craftsmanship of the bracelet that caught specialized interest. The stone showed a level of cutting and polishing that was 1,000s of years ahead of its time. The stone was not indigenous to the find site, it would be naturally found 150 miles away.


The stone was well polished by an unknown method, in fact it was still shining when the expedition team found it. While found in fragments, it has been recreated visually. worn around the wrist there was a strap that held another piece. The strap was wrapped through a hole in the stone. The manner that the hole was made is also a mystery. It is made with a precision that again wasn’t thought to exist until much later.

The bracelet’s current home is the Museum of History and Culture of the Peoples’ of Siberia. More study is necessary to unravel secrets about the little known Denisovan people. For now though, speculation is high as people quest for answers.


7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Health Fast

In today’s age of fast food options and pseudo health drinks, we pay for convenience with our health more than we care to admit. Instead of offering a crazy cleanse or ridiculously difficult meditation/workout, I’d like to remind everyone of some basic and tasty efforts anyone can make to make them feel better. These simple changes can be traced to centuries ago, present in different cultures. A lot of health issues can be related to the body’s pH levels. The higher your acidity levels the worse your body performs and the more it needs to recuperate. Acidity specifically increases inflammation. This leads to many health issues.

Add Cardamom Powder To Your Coffee

Cardamom is a spice blend made from several plants found in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Indonesia, Nepal and Pakistan. The seeds are smaller and the plants they come from are green and leafy. Coffee is the magical concoction that fuels the world as we know it.
Sadly this lovely beverage has a very high acidity, this means that when we consume it, our body’s pH is pushed out of wack. To immediately re balance the body while drinking coffee add half a teaspoon cardamom to every twelve ounces of coffee you drink. This will effectively negate the acidity and add an earthy element to the taste.

Alkaline Foods Are A Must

So alkaline food will naturally re balance your body. The healthy standard pH balance for the human body is about 7.4. You;ll want to eat lots of foods around this scale to feel at your best. Some examples of these foods are raw fruits, vegetables,nuts, seeds and starches. Sadly meat, dairy, processed foods, refined sugar, starches and alcohol raise and lower this balance dramatically. Try and stay away from fluoridated, non ionized water as well.

Oil Pulling

This process has many benefits, some of which are preventing gingivitis, plaque and malodorous bacteria. It only takes 20 minutes and is fairly cheaper than commercial mouthwashes. You’ll have to mix equal parts coconut, sesame, or sunflower oil in your mouth. Swish it around for twenty minutes and spit out the solution. The lipids in the oils bonds to the toxins and bacteria, so when you spit you purge all that out. The highly absorbent membranes in your mouth help you balance out that all important pH levels. You will also see clearer skin and eyes,whiter teeth, stronger gums and much higher energy levels.

A Little Turmeric Goes A Long Way

Turmeric is a delicious herb that has amazing properties. It tastes like a warm, peppery, slightly bitter mix of oranges and ginger. Ancient cultures used it to spice up favorite dishes but also treat arthritis, stomach pain, heartburn, gas, bloating, headaches and just about every classic ailment you can consider. Recent studies show it can combat Alzheimer’s! You can put it in your cooking, cup of tea or in your baked goods. You only need about a teaspoon a day.

Be Positive

I know this seems obvious but its hard to keep positive when you aren’t feeling well. Remember that your body is always trying to repair itself. You only need to provide it with the resources to accomplish its goal (like the items on this list for instance). Breathe and send healing energies through mindfulness.

Use Essential Oils

There are more beneficial oils than a fit person could shake a yoga mat at. Each one has specific properties. Take a look at the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s library to start your research into what may work for you. Don’t underestimate this form of medicine.

Drink Water

The average adult should drink about eight glasses (a standard glass is 8 oz) or half a gallon a day. Water aids in any detoxifying and healing process in the body. It also helps keep your joints lubricated. I hear some people say they are afraid of drinking too much water. This statement is a little ridiculous. You will feel ill before you start to drown, so just keep it moderated.

There’s Something About Karma That Many People Don’t Realize

I’m not condemning any spiritual methodology. I respect that everyone has their own experiences and from those experiences beautifully unique theories and mentalities surrounding the mystery of human life. In that vein of respect and acknowledgement, I would like to point out the misunderstandings surroundings Karma. Karma has been equated to a system, where you ‘get what you put in’ or ‘reap what you sow’. This is true to an extant, but the ‘pay off’ or ‘reaping’ happens in another life time. There is also a system of intertwining energies and intentions.

‘Karma in Buddhism is action. Action in the form of the thinking. Thinking is acting. Speaking is acting. And doing things is acting. And every act has a result. That is Karma. And nothing can be lost. It continues always. The shameful action continues and if you perform positive Karma, it will continue very well if you help other people.’ Thich Nhat Hahn on Tibetan styled Karma.

 The important distinction is that your actions be selfless. You cannot preform kindnesses and compassionate acts with the expectation of expecting anything in return. SELFLESS. You cannot trick the system. If you do something ‘good’ to get ‘good’ back, this is an inherently selfish action, and in the end unproductive. As we move forward in this discussion, I would like to take some of the emotional content out of this subject. Good and bad are highly charged words, this gives them too much ‘weight’ outside of their very subjective meanings. The more emotion and energy we poor into words and concepts, they change from their original context into personalized behemoths of our mind. Lets not fight any giants today.

Chopping the scales from ‘good’ and ‘bad’ I offer the terms ‘productive’ and ‘unproductive’. The wheel of Samsara (suffering) is always spinning. Nothing can or should ever even attempt to stop it. We encounter suffering and have two options. Turn it into a productive or unproductive experience. Learn from the mistakes we make, or continue to repeat them; lamenting our station in life. Forgive those who have hurt you or keep the cycle of unnecessary pain going.

As you go through your current life and form, you are blessed with a multitude of experiences that you can be productive or unproductive with. How you choose to live your life will dictate your next. A person who has spread pain and violence, has spent his or her energy and potential unproductively. They have limited their experiences and closed their mind. Their next life will not be a punishment, there is already enough suffering in the world. It will be another chance, from a different perspective that will encourage that entity to open their minds and hearts.

According to Karma, we should stop trying to control everything in life. Deal with what you are handed and help your neighbor when you can. The eventual sum of your actions are beyond what you can understand in your mortal form. Don’t limit your future by mixing in your fears and desires. As an infinite being in the ever expanding universe, you have so many more options and avenues of influence than I’d dare try to name. Be careful of you you respond to suffering and remember that the more you operate out of the idea of ‘you’ the better you will feel.

What Is The True Purpose Of The Pineal Gland? Here Are The Straight Facts

The pineal gland is relatively small hormone producing organ found in vertebrate brains. This endocrine gland can be found in every animal on the planet that has a spine. This organ produces melatonin, melatonin derivatives, seratonin and DMT (N-Dimethyltryptamine).

shutterstock_155349410 Melatonin is related to our natural sleep patterns (circadian rhythm). DMT is recognized as the the Spirit Molecule. It’s properties are widely discussed, though little is known.

It is found in every living creature on our planet. The fact that every animal (including humans) has this chemical present  adds a level of connectivity. There are quantum properties of DMT that are very interesting as well.

This pea sized hormonal organ effects us in a major but mostly unnoticed way. The gland is located at the the center of the sixth chakra, Ajna. This energy spiraling out of this organ is known as the ‘third eye’.

This chakra houses intuition and other ‘intangible thoughts’. The pineal gland powers our ability to seeing through false formations, and see the truth of a situation where none may be apparent.

If you are trying to nurture your pineal gland, you’ll want to stay away from fluoride. This common household ingredient calcifies this part of your brain!