What Is The True Purpose Of The Pineal Gland? Here Are The Straight Facts

The pineal gland is relatively small hormone producing organ found in vertebrate brains. This endocrine gland can be found in every animal on the planet that has a spine. This organ produces melatonin, melatonin derivatives, seratonin and DMT (N-Dimethyltryptamine).

shutterstock_155349410 Melatonin is related to our natural sleep patterns (circadian rhythm). DMT is recognized as the the Spirit Molecule. It’s properties are widely discussed, though little is known.

It is found in every living creature on our planet. The fact that every animal (including humans) has this chemical present  adds a level of connectivity. There are quantum properties of DMT that are very interesting as well.

This pea sized hormonal organ effects us in a major but mostly unnoticed way. The gland is located at the the center of the sixth chakra,¬†Ajna. This energy spiraling out of this organ is known as the ‘third eye’.

This chakra houses intuition and other ‘intangible thoughts’. The pineal gland powers our ability to seeing through false formations, and see the truth of a situation where none may be apparent.

If you are trying to nurture your pineal gland, you’ll want to stay away from fluoride. This common household ingredient calcifies this part of your brain!

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