7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Health Fast

In today’s age of fast food options and pseudo health drinks, we pay for convenience with our health more than we care to admit. Instead of offering a crazy cleanse or ridiculously difficult meditation/workout, I’d like to remind everyone of some basic and tasty efforts anyone can make to make them feel better. These simple changes can be traced to centuries ago, present in different cultures. A lot of health issues can be related to the body’s pH levels. The higher your acidity levels the worse your body performs and the more it needs to recuperate. Acidity specifically increases inflammation. This leads to many health issues.

Add Cardamom Powder To Your Coffee

Cardamom is a spice blend made from several plants found in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Indonesia, Nepal and Pakistan. The seeds are smaller and the plants they come from are green and leafy. Coffee is the magical concoction that fuels the world as we know it.
Sadly this lovely beverage has a very high acidity, this means that when we consume it, our body’s pH is pushed out of wack. To immediately re balance the body while drinking coffee add half a teaspoon cardamom to every twelve ounces of coffee you drink. This will effectively negate the acidity and add an earthy element to the taste.

Alkaline Foods Are A Must

So alkaline food will naturally re balance your body. The healthy standard pH balance for the human body is about 7.4. You;ll want to eat lots of foods around this scale to feel at your best. Some examples of these foods are raw fruits, vegetables,nuts, seeds and starches. Sadly meat, dairy, processed foods, refined sugar, starches and alcohol raise and lower this balance dramatically. Try and stay away from fluoridated, non ionized water as well.

Oil Pulling

This process has many benefits, some of which are preventing gingivitis, plaque and malodorous bacteria. It only takes 20 minutes and is fairly cheaper than commercial mouthwashes. You’ll have to mix equal parts coconut, sesame, or sunflower oil in your mouth. Swish it around for twenty minutes and spit out the solution. The lipids in the oils bonds to the toxins and bacteria, so when you spit you purge all that out. The highly absorbent membranes in your mouth help you balance out that all important pH levels. You will also see clearer skin and eyes,whiter teeth, stronger gums and much higher energy levels.

A Little Turmeric Goes A Long Way

Turmeric is a delicious herb that has amazing properties. It tastes like a warm, peppery, slightly bitter mix of oranges and ginger. Ancient cultures used it to spice up favorite dishes but also treat arthritis, stomach pain, heartburn, gas, bloating, headaches and just about every classic ailment you can consider. Recent studies show it can combat Alzheimer’s! You can put it in your cooking, cup of tea or in your baked goods. You only need about a teaspoon a day.

Be Positive

I know this seems obvious but its hard to keep positive when you aren’t feeling well. Remember that your body is always trying to repair itself. You only need to provide it with the resources to accomplish its goal (like the items on this list for instance). Breathe and send healing energies through mindfulness.

Use Essential Oils

There are more beneficial oils than a fit person could shake a yoga mat at. Each one has specific properties. Take a look at the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s library┬áto start your research into what may work for you. Don’t underestimate this form of medicine.

Drink Water

The average adult should drink about eight glasses (a standard glass is 8 oz) or half a gallon a day. Water aids in any detoxifying and healing process in the body. It also helps keep your joints lubricated. I hear some people say they are afraid of drinking too much water. This statement is a little ridiculous. You will feel ill before you start to drown, so just keep it moderated.

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