Sexual Healing: The Facts & The Fiction

We all know the song ‘Sexual Healing’ by Marvin Gaye. But could sex really be something that heals? As with everything, it depends on the circumstances and the way it’s being used.

Sex is a big thing in everyone’s lives, regardless of most people’s uneasiness about discussing it. And yes, a lot of the time sex (particularly rape and other types of sexual abuse) does indeed do some serious damage to a person’s life. It’s not an easy subject to discuss, let alone open your mind enough to try after you’ve had a serious trauma, but you should know that Sexual Healing IS indeed a thing that has helped many people.

Depression, stress, and headaches are the most common ailments swayed by sexual intercourse. When it comes to healing the mind, things can get a lot more complicated. Although, it has been shown that mental and physical ailments are often linked.


While healing, Intimacy can often be challenging and uncomfortable for some people, especially after experiencing a trauma. But it is also highly important for the sake of building relationships.

The following research may at least encourage some of you to overlook current pain for the possibility of pleasure.

We now know from scientific research that sex unleashes a smorgasbord of chemical compounds into the brain, most notably oxytocin, otherwise known as the love or ‘cuddle’ hormone. Studies have shown that oxytocin levels in women elevate during childbirth and breastfeeding. Even fathers experience an elevation of this hormone when they bond with their partners and babies.

The more we experience sensual touch, the more our oxytocin levels rise. This peaks during an orgasm. This is also the reason whymost men experience intense fatigue after sexual intercourse and most women want to cuddle and spoon. Besides an increase in bonding and emotional connection, oxytocin, especially after an orgasm, releases the body from stress, increases calmness, improves a person’s well-being and reduces pain.

Besides oxytocin, two more pain-reducing hormones are released, serotonin and endorphins. Serotonin functions as our own natural anti-depressant and endorphins create the feeling of euphoria and function as a natural opioid, similar to morphine. The combination of these three hormones can even reduce chronic pain. This gives a whole new meaning to self-medicating and it works wonders. Even though the effects may not be as strong as taking an Oxycotin pill, it most certainly is less addicting and involves a lot more fun.


When you think about it, being in a loving relationship can function as one of the best kinds of medication. The hormones are already released through a loving touch and increase in quantity through hugging, massaging and having sex. There is an important aspect that needs to be to paid attention to though.

When a person will turn to sex constantly to relieve their pain, an unavoidable association will be created. This will not only take the fun out of the equation, every sensual touch can be contaminated and feel unsafe. Evidently, this form of conditioning will cause you not to want to have sex anymore.

When a couple is thinking of using sex as a form of medication, it is important to set some ground rules and discuss everything thoroughly. Both people need to feel comfortable at all times. Make sure sexual intercourse stays sensual, enjoyable, loving and fun.






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