Love: Why You Truly Deserve Every Ounce Of It

As human beings, we naturally find it easier to just give up. This could also lead us to settling instead of seeking. We settle for being sad, instead of seeking happiness, we settle for expectations instead of seeking change. This can all happen in a matter of seconds, we see the door closing, but it’s just too far from our reach to grab, so we stop, left in a state of lingo, our self-esteem slowly moving further and further from our grasp.

What is the cause of this easy way out? Why do we just stop?  People tend to make us  feel like we deserve nothing more than what they have to offer.  This could also be their personality rubbing off on us. They may be less than inspired, demotivated or low achievers themselves.shutterstock_116448289

Never settle for anything less than what you deserve. We’re constantly told that we need to be realistic in our expectations, but in reality is that not just an excuse?

Love cannot be counted, love is something you feel and it should overflow in abundance. The smile you’re greeted with when you wake up, the random hugs, the feeling that you’re truly safe, that’s love.

We are concrete human beings and love is abstract. That’s why we need an abundant supply of it, it soothes our souls and softens our hearts.

The need for love is not greedy, it’s never clingy or needy. We should never be expected to beg for it, we should rather turn around and fight for it. Fight with your powerful self-esteem, fight with your confidence in love, never stop fighting. Stop bowing down, get up and fight back.

Express your feelings, after all, that’s where love comes from and where it can be felt. You need no words, your gestures can signal your love and the need for it like the constellations above us. You deserve every ounce of it, not just because we’re told that’s what relationships are about, but because you deserve it.shutterstock_102339526

Why settle for an ordinary lover when you could have an extraordinary one?

Knowing how great love truly feels should be enough motivation for you to realize how special love can be and when someone wants you in their life, they will do everything possible to show you how much love means.

Keep your eyes open, confront what is keeping you back and take yourself on, be it in the mirror, look at you, you beautiful creation. Your artistic make up is what makes you special, and it will never leave you.

Kisses, hugs, smiles and laughter, aren’t they energizing?

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