9 Beautiful Lessons We Can All Learn About Love

One thing we all have in common with one another in our life journey is that all of us are searching for love.This search might not even be a conscious thing. Deep within ourselves we all want and desire it. We all desire that connection with others.


As humans,  we tend to alienate ourselves from our truth, that is to love and be loved. We deny ourselves true love and hold up high walls so others can’t get in.

In order to help you break your wall down and allow others to love you, these 9 simple but powerful lessons are an important read!

  • Love is death of your ego and rebirth of your soul.You can’t force love, It is only given as gift.
  • Love is Unconditional.
  • Love is without expectations. When you love someone, do not expect it in return because that is not true love.
  • Only love can build deep connections between people. Hate will break those connections.
  • shutterstock_238707229Love is love, even when it goes unsaid. Real love can be felt through a simple glance!
  • Instead of looking for love, remove the things/people/ego that is preventing you from loving all, and being loved in return.
  • Love makes life easy and enjoyable, when you love, life is pure and happy no matter what your personal circumstances are!
  • You can own nothing but have love and feel as though you possess the world’s most precious treasure. You can own all the riches in the world but will feel empty if you do not have love.

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