Shungite – The Stone of The Empaths

As Empaths and Highly Sensitive People we are not only sensitive to the emotions (Energy in Motion) of others but sensitive to all forms of energy. It’s the vibration of the energy around us that can uplift us or drag us down. Interestingly, the energy of music can affect us greatly as we are sensitive to the energy of sound. Harsh synthetic music can grind against us, while classical music can soothe us. The harsh noise of traffic can make us feel uncomfortable while the sounds of nature comfort us.

So we must consider the energy of electromagnetic frequencies as well. We can sense the heaviness of the energy around cities with all the wi-fi stations and the thousands of mobile phones in use. Compare that to the cleanliness of a large forest or ocean shore.


With all these unnatural energies surrounding us, unless you are lucky enough to live in the country away from these harsh energies of the big cities, how can we support our sensitive nature and bodies? What works for me is the remarkable crystal known as Shungite.

Shungite is only found in a small area in Russia and was formed more the two billion years ago. Shungite has been found to contain fullerenes (the only known natural source), which gives the stone its amazing healing ability. Fullerenes are powerful anti-oxidants and have strong anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effects, which in turn relieves pain and improves immunity. Fullerenes also normalize the nerve processes and improves our capacity to deal with stress.

Shungite’s other awesome properties are that it counteracts the harmful effects of EMF’s by transforming the radiation into biocompatible elements and has amazing grounding abilities.


When used to cleanse water, Shungite infuses the water with potent healing vibrations and removes pollutants such as pesticides and bacteria from the water. Some more benefits of Shungite are: keeps your energy and emotions balanced, protection from negative energies and thoughts, raises your vibration, and enhances metaphysical abilities.

There are different classes of this stone, for example the Elite or Noble Shungite contains 98 per cent carbon compared to the standard Shungite which contains approximately 50 per cent carbon. Also the Elite Shungite contains a higher level of fullerenes making it the better choice.

How do I use this amazing crystal? There are two ways that work for me. Firstly, I have Shungite cubes placed around my computer to absorb the EMF’s produced by this equipment and also on my bedside table.

Then there is my favourite way which is drinking the Shungite infused water. Simply use a large glass container, place the Shungite stones inside and fill with water. After three days of the water being infused with the magic of this stone, I found that the water is energised and I can feel the effects on my body and state of mind. Remember to cleanse your

Shungite regularly, simply by placing it out in the sun which will energise and recharge the stones.

So why do I call Shungite the Empath’s Stone? Simply because Shungite absorbs negative energy, helping us to deal with the emotional energy in our environment easier. Along with its ability to support our immune and nervous system, Shungite helps to keep us grounded which is one of the most important ways we can support ourselves as Empaths.


Robyn Iacuone

Empath Coach

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