Manifestation Rituals For Each Phase of the Moon’s Cycles

The Law of Manifestation is formed from the pagan belief that you can bring your ambitions and dreams into reality through deliberate positive thought.

To manifest, you must banish pessimism from your hopes. This is because the universe is in a constant state of perfect balance, meaning every negative thought you have during a manifestation ritual neutralizes the positive.

There are many different forms of manifestation ritual and to ensure success it is imperative that you understand which one to do based on the stage of the lunar cycle. The moon’s power can not be underestimated in the process of manifesting. Lunar energy effects the energy of your thoughts and therefore alters the likelihood of manifest success.

This guide will steer you through a ritual to try at each phase in the lunar cycle…

The New Moonshutterstock_29264854

At the beginning of the lunar cycle, the new moon ritual should begin the process of manifesting for the month.

Write a manifest list, chant it aloud and light a candle. Once you have done this place the list in a special place in your home and meditate.

You are cleansing your psyche for the month ahead and focussing on your ambitions.

The Crescent Moon

This phase is all about building up the power in your manifest list. As the moon’s energy builds so will the power of your rituals. Focus your energy and say aloud your intentions for the lunar cycle. If your plans are centered around your fertility then this is the phase that will really influence your success manifesting.

The First Quarter

shutterstock_333427952The first quarter is all about building up your manifestation energy.

Begin with meditation and focus on your positive energy.

Once you’ve locked in your positive energy make an action plan on how to achieve your goals.

Keep up the high positive energy to build on the first two cycles.


The Waxing Gibbous Moon

With just three days before the full moon, the waxing gibbous moon is the first time that you should take the time to imagine success. As the energy rises towards its peak (the full moon) take the time to meditate and consider what manifesting will look and feel like. Review your list of goals and daydream about each of them happening, your positive energy will be near its peak.


The Full Moonshutterstock_291636248

Enjoy the energy that the full moon gives you.

Take stock of anything that you have been able to manifest from your list, appreciate that not all things manifest immediately and then bury your list in the earth as a symbol of your growth.

 From there, while your energy is high and you find yourself in the moment of immediacy that follows hope and proceeds contemplation, write one list of what you did manifest and one of the things you didn’t.

Focus on thoughts of gratitude and love whilst you write the list. Then simply enjoy the full moon energy whilst it lasts.


The Waning Gibbous

 shutterstock_94350853The waning gibbous is the first opportunity for true reflection as our energy slows down.

Sit once more to meditate but try to bring your mind to the positives and negatives in the first half of the cycle.

Take the positives with you, consider the negatives but leave them behind.

Consider the positives your mind felt during the first half of the lunar cycle even before any manifestations.

Don’t see your accomplishments as the only positive.


The Last Quarter

While meditating during the previous phase, you should have come to the realization that one of the elements on your list is a negative in itself. It may highlight a habit or behavior that isn’t good for you. Dig a little deeper into your psyche to discover the root of the negativity and use the positive energy that you have built up over the cycle to alter it.


The Waning Moon shutterstock_357983189

With just 72 hours before the return of the new moon and the beginning of a new cycle, the waning moon is your opportunity to dispel all negativity.

Anything that can’t be transformed into positivity is of no use to you. Your list of accomplishments and ‘failures’ should be set alight and burned.

Letting go of all negativity is good for your physical and mental health, so let it all go.

Each lunar cycle is the opportunity to manifest your dreams into reality. However, it is also an opportunity to rid yourself of the negatives that hold you back from manifesting in the next lunar cycle. The moon gives you strength, it affects your energy and understanding its phases will help you in your quest to understand yourself as a spiritual being.

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