10 Important Things To Know When Loving a Strong Man or Woman

If you’re in love with a strong individual, you’ve hit the ultimate jackpot. You’ll be embarking on one of the most emotionally fulfilling, mentally stimulating and spiritually enlightening experiences of your life.

To love a strong man or woman is a gift that should never be squandered – but rather, celebrated for all its riches. These individuals are rare gems, existing only few and far between. To fall in love with a person with a strong moral compass, unwavering drive and emotive strength, objectively speaking, is a worthy emotional investment with innumerable paybacks.

Here are the top ten things you should know if you’re in love with a strong man or woman.

They Are Independent and Take Action shutterstock_238707229

Rather than waiting for the “green light” or “go ahead” from others, strong individuals take action.

They’re not looking for someone to support them and hold their hand in their relationships – they’re looking for someone to grow with. Don’t try to tame, belittle or hold these fiery individuals back, they’re always in perpetual forward momentum.

They Are Not Afraid to be Alone 

Understanding that they’re not defined wholeheartedly or solely by their romantic relationships, strong individuals understand the power of personal space and time. Sometimes, they simply need time to themselves to rest and reflect. Never take this personally, in the long run, this will undoubtedly serve your relationship by circumventing unnecessary tiffs – when it could easily be resolved by some personal escape.


They Crave Knowledge and are Intellectually Curious

As lifelong learners, strong individuals crave knowledge and are intellectual sponges. They don’t waste time with frivolous reality television or waste hours scrolling through social media when they could be taking a class to better themselves.

With that, they’re always open to new experiences. So hop on the bandwagon and put your thinking cap on.

They Don’t Believe in Clinginess

Never expect a strong individual to be totally obsessed, infatuated or consumed with you all the time. Truly strong men and women are the least possessive bunch out there. They know how to show their love – and when the time calls for it. Most importantly, they understand and are living proof that a significant other is part of their lives, not their entire life.

They Have Strong Morals and Values

shutterstock_291176792Strong individuals are not morally bankrupt, and they certainly don’t waver in topics and causes in line with their belief system. Expect them to stand up, with a strong voice, for what they believe in – and most importantly, be prepared to stand by their side in support.

They Have Both Passion and Purpose

Strong individuals don’t just have goals or aspirations, they have the passion, purpose and drive to see them through. They have the unparalleled power to achieve impressive feats.

There truly are not bounds to a strong individual’s potential successes. Support their goal and add fuel to their fire.

They Have Strong Friends

Strong, independent and loyal people are often friends with those who mirror these qualities. When they’re together, you’re more likely to hear them discussing business mergers than empty office gossip. While this may be intimating, at first, it’s important to admire, revel and learn from this impressive group.

They Accept Responsibility and Apologize

shutterstock_398480584Remember, strong isn’t synonymous with stubborn or proud. When you’re in love with a truly strong individual, you’re are in the presence of a reasonable and rational individual.

If they are in the wrong, they accept responsibility, submit an apology and most importantly, move on. They don’t dwell in petty fights or stubborn tactics.

They Will Show Their Soft Side – If They Trust You

Strong individuals are often given a bad rap, stereotyped as immune to feelings of sadness, loneliness or defeat. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Regardless of how independent they are, when their guard is down and they trust you, these strong­ willed individuals will bear their souls. Notice and celebrate these moments – they’re emotional jackpots.

They Need a Strong Significant Other

Strong individuals don’t need a strong individual to feel fulfilled, worthy or confident. But, that’s a good thing. That means they’re in relationships because they want to be with you, not because they need you. This small differentiation makes a world of difference. If your significant other is a strong person…you are too. The strength of your bond is unparalleled, making the two of you’re a force to reckoned with.

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