How to Grow Your Own Bismuth Crystals at Home

Bismuth is an elemental metal and number 83 on the Periodic Table. It is a brittle metal which is silvery white with a shimmering hue.


Despite often being created in the lab, this awesome rainbow stone is good to help you focus. It’s also an excellent stone for visualization and it helps increase energy levels allowing you to more efficiently deal with overwhelming situations.

Bismuth also helps relieve and resolve feelings of loneliness and helps you adapt with change as it is the stone of transformation.

Bismuth is great for reducing fever, helping to ease degenerative muscle issues and assisting you to recover after a major surgery or injury.

With their expansive colors and interesting formations, Bismuth Crystals are an awesome addition to your rock and mineral collection. In the video below, Taras Kul, the “Crazy Russian Hacker” shows us how to grow our own Bismuth crystals!

Video Via Crazy Russian Hacker

Sources: Laughing Squid | Healing Crystals


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