Recognizing The Traits of Your Twin Soul – What Are The Signs?

We are constantly traveling on a spiritual journey. Along the way, we meet many people. What happens when we meet that person who literally understands your core?

The feeling of two people sharing the same spiritual journey is something you will not miss. When it happens, your entire universe will shift with the strength and power exerted by the two of you uniting.

Twin souls are souls which have traveled through decades together, they are the reincarnate which has seen and experienced the universe as one. Once they are reunited, amazing things happen.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 12.12.59 PM1. There is an instant ‘spark’

There is an actual spark within your soul. It’s unlike chemistry. You will feel the difference when it hits!

Souls recognizing each other is something deeper, even on that very first meeting, you will feel like a reunion is taking place.

2. De-Ja-Vu

In many forms, things will seem familiar. Flashbacks, dreams and de-ja-vu are very common occurrences. Ever had that “I’m sure we’ve done this before” moment with your suspected twin flame? This is completely normal – your soul doesn’t forget it’s previous life experiences and never will. This comes in the form of an immense union of two souls.

shutterstock_3560610503. Complete synchronicity

Finishing each other’s sentences seems to come naturally, you seem to just get each other. This may even affect your moods, feeling deep sadness or immense happiness together.

4. Comfort

Knowing deep down that they will never hurt you, you put your trust in them, feeling completely secure and stable when together.

5. Balance like never before

There is always a masculine and feminine balance between the two of you. It’s complimentary and feels natural. As far as twin souls goes, this masculine and feminine energy honors one another, creating balance.

Do you ever dream of your twin soul?

shutterstock_196513Usually, these dreams carry a warning, something that may soon occur that requires your attention. These spiritual dreams are when we are in our subconscious soul state, when we connect with other souls.

Some consider this the astral plane. Always take these reams seriously – there’s a reason two souls share the same dream.

Romance and Twin Souls

Not all twin souls end up in romance, some are simply friends. There are occasions where twin souls become a lot more than that. These will remain this way. To be your twin soul is to share your love, heart and soul with your “other”. This means together, you need to be selfless – in unison.

The kundalini awakening

When the two of you meet, dormant chakras may suddenly awake. The feeling of an energy running up your spine, pulling the two of you closer, regardless of where you are, be it miles apart. If you’ve ever met twin flames, one thing they would have described to you is the felleing of a magnetic pull towards each other.

Have you found your twin flame? What would you describe your encounter as?


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