New Research Proves Humans Have A Magnetic Sixth Sense

Everything in this universe is fundamentally made of energy. The atoms that make up physicality, at the core, are vibrating geometries that are energetic structures.


So is it possible to detect electromagnetic fields around the Earth? This is an inherent ability animals like birds have, which help them navigate while flying.

They align themselves with the Earth’s magnetic field which allows them to understand the difference between north, south, east and west. If this ability is present in animals, why couldn’t it be in humans?

Well, it is! And we are finally creating scientific research to help us understand how it works.

The geophysicist Joe Kirschvink at the California Institute of Technology recently showed the results of this study. He believes that people do inherently possess the ability to detect magnetic fields.

He says he has produced clear evidence that humans do in fact have functioning magnetoreceptors. 


Magnetoreception is the sense which allows a being to detect a magnetic field, letting it perceive direction, altitude or location. This allows animals to develop regional maps of areas to better help them explore land and not get lost.

Kirschvink suspects that most modern mammals have had this ability passed down from their ancestors.

The thing that is baffling Kirschvink and other scientists working in this field, is that even though we know birds and other animals have magnetoreception, we still don’t exactly know how it works.

Researchers haven’t found any biological component that could act as a magnetoreptor for us. Kirschvink still pushes the idea that humans also have this ability. He says “the receptors could be in your left toe.”

In his experiment, he had participants pass through rotating magnetic fields while measuring their brainwaves. They found that when the field was rotated counter-clockwise, certain parts of the brain responded to this change, creating a spike in electrical activity.

shutterstock_336118061Since the neuron shift in their brains only responded when the direction changed, the researchers confidently confirmed that humans do have a form of magnetoreception.

The specific organ or part of our body that detects this shift is still a mystery. It’s no secret we are able to detect energy or things that, to us, seem ‘non physical.’

We are a lot more connected than we realize, and one of the main things stopping us from exploring that is the very belief that we are merely physical beings with no ‘psychic senses.’

There is a lot more humans can do than we realize, and studies like this are helping people understand this scientifically.

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