3 Ways To Use The Power of Manifestation To Create The Life of Your Dreams

The more we come in tune with our true selves, the more we discover the infinite power we actually possess.

When we take away all the distractions created by this system, the media and several other big corporations that prefer to see us stupefied, we can reach a very powerful source within ourselves.


Whether it’s wealth, love, health or happiness, we can use the universe to give us everything we desire when we are aligned with our purpose. Imagine being able to manifest your wildest dreams, your deepest desires, your greatest wishes and change your life for the better with only the power of your mind.

So, what are you waiting for? Put it into practice!How can we use our mind to manifest a reality we desire?

Manifestation will only work when you keep love and respect for yourself, the world and those surrounding you as a priority with harmony as the main motivator.

1. We need to be able to control our mind.

Otherwise, it can work against us. Even our feelings can have a bigger impact than we think.

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The best way to get all the right components in line is by taking our time, relax, calm down, get into a meditative state. Breath slowly and deeply in and out and center yourself.

We need to make sure to be completely relaxed and focused. Distractions can build up a wall around our subconscious mind, and we need to be aware of it.

2. The next step is visualization.

We need to be able to see where we are heading and which reality we want to create. Some people use a scrapbook or aninspiration board. Collecting and combining different pictures that are related to the image they want to create can help us see what we want to experience.

Since it is not always enough to just think about it, it can really help to visualize the smallest details of a life you want to be living.


Many people find it easy to create images with their mind, but a find it difficult to  create an emotional connection between themselves and the images.

Our subconscious mind can absorb these images and visuals. In combination with sounds, it works even better.

These can trigger an emotional response which leads into an emotional connection. Emotional feelings transform into vibrational energies, these can be enhanced by binaural beats.

3. Binaural beats

Sometimes also called binaural tones, these frequencies are sounds produced that can really affect our brain. They help to wash away tension, induce sleep and can make remarkable changes in our minds.

shutterstock_307501331 (1)All these alterations are made with energy which is created from different sources of information. This information is called our paradigm.

Our paradigm is a multitude of habits and is a product of our environment. This paradigm is the key for changing our reality. Changing our paradigm means changing our view of reality and what is possible.

The frequency of our body dictates how we act and what we attract. You attract energy that is in harmony with you. You also attract people that are in harmony with you.

Compare yourself to a radio, you will only receive the music that is set to a certain frequency. When you want to change the channel, you must change the frequency to experience something new.

The same applies to the law of attraction. Do not expect this to work instantly, just as every exercise in life you will need to practice to get results. Play around with the power of manifestation, raise your happiness and success. Never underestimate the power of the mind.

By: Elimor Bader


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