How The Government Tricks Us Into Drinking Dairy Milk

Still drinking milk? You might want to give this video a watch. Vox created an informative and comprehensive video on how exactly the government has tricked us into drinking so much milk.

During the first world war, milk started to be heavily produced to give nutrition to the soldiers around the world. Because of this, farmers starting focusing more on dairy and got rid of their other animals, predominantly making milk from cows. But as the war ended, there was way more milk than people to drink it.

This is why campaigns started to get people drinking more milk, instead of making less of it. Ever see those Got Milk ads? Those were created to try to keep selling all that milk.

This video breaks it down perfectly. At the end of the day, the FDA, who is in charge of creating these health regulations, also has a hand in the marketing for these massive companies.

You can eat dairy and have a healthy diet, but thinking that it’s essential is simply¬†marketing.

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