This Mormonism Video made a lot of people Angry!

If you’ve been following Minute Faith so far, you might have noticed that it is an incredibly open hearted series about the nature of belief from religion to religion. This isn’t a series about the dogma and why each religion is bad, this is a series about what that particular group of followers believe.

Interestingly enough, I actually received quite a lot of requests from people for Mormonism! I was surprised, yet it was of interest to me and I put it in the cue to make. After a few weeks, here it is!

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Now, what’s very interesting about this article in particular is that it received some of the most widest array of comments that I have ever seen! Some people praised the video for the simple and kind way of describing the religion, and others damned it to hell, expressing that they would then go and tell all of their friends to stop following Spirit Science immediately and we were all evil for even making a video about Mormonism!

Isn’t that simply remarkable?

Yes, I’ll admit… the music that was chosen makes it EXCEPTIONALLY light hearted. Perhaps the one flaw of the video from that regard. I could have put in some dark evil music and I’ll bet the reactions would have been quite different…

Anyways, if you want to see the comments, you can read them here on Youtube as well as here on Facebook. I particularly like the Muslim guy who is open to talking about the nature of it all! That’s awesome!!

Nevertheless, thanks again for watching!

With love,


ps. Thank you to Kirsten Renee for her help on editing the script for this episode of Minute Faith!




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