The Parable of the Messiah

The Parable of the Messiah comes from the book “Illusions” by Richard Bach! It is an absolutely ASTOUNDING book! Please consider reading it, it is beyond enlightening!

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This parable is about the problem that we face as human beings. The ability to ascend. The willpower to do so.

The creatures represented in this parable represent all of us, in our different aspects of life! We have quite a bit of power, if only we let go, and trust, that we will be caught and lifted by the forces of the cosmos itself.

We are all made equal, but those who take the risk in letting go of the stuckness and go with the flow have a different path than those who decide to stay stuck, and limited by their own perception. It is the same spirit flowing through each person, but yet experienced entirely differently. Often, people who act in this way are looked up at as great people.

The Truth is that we are all great, and we simply need to see it, trust, and let go.

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