What does Orthodox Judaism Believe?

Orthodox Judaism is not an organized movement, but a tendency among various groupings of Jewish people focused on resistance to the changes introduced by modernizing factions within the broader Jewish community.

It can be traced to mid-19th-century Germany, and characterizes Jews, who, countering Reform Judaism, emphasize the unchanging authority of the Torah, their Bible and Law, and Halacha, interpretations of legal rulings found in holy scripture, contained in the rabbinic texts of the Talmud and Midrash.

One of the most interesting thing that I find about the Jewish faith, personally, is that they reject Jesus Christ as the Messiah. They claim that he was NOT the Messiah, and that the true Messiah is still coming.

Is that not so, ridiculously interesting? Especially considering that Jesus was supposedly a Jewish man.

Now, this brings about a lot of questions and ideas to discuss. There is a lot of evidence of the story of Jesus coming from earlier texts, sort of combined into one story that was forced down everyones throat by the roman empire… It’s hard to say at this point, more research must still be done.

What do you think though? Are the Jews right about Jesus? Does it even matter? 

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