This Abandoned Bowling Alley Was Turned Into A Surrealist Art Wonderland

This abandon bowling alley was turned into one of the most surreal interactive art experiences ever. The Meow Wolf art collective is an art production company that creates immersive exhibits like haunted houses, museums and jungle gyms. In a 20,000 square-foot bowling alley in Santa Fe, New Mexico, they created “The House of Eternal Return”. This was actually purchased by the Game of Thrones author George RR Martin to allow the team to create this insane world.

 “They explained this vision of a Victorian house, unmoored in time and space with a haunted forest and a magical cave system, and portals to other worlds,” Martin told NPR. “And of course, it pushed all my buttons. I love that kind of stuff.”

This immersive experience is filled with color, texture and out-of-this-world design. In this interactive world, you are encouraged to touch everything, push every button and explore this vast and strange land.

One of the the organizers of the group says they were inspired by theme parks, burning man, grocery stores, and nature. What a strange combination.

Visitors have describe the experience to be like a real life MMORPG or a virtual reality that is actually there. This crazy world took over 18 months and 150 artist to finish. You can explore this amazing world yourself for only $18 if you live out of state and $15 for New Mexico residents.

What do you think of this Alice and Wonderland ask type place? Would you run around in this colorful land of surrealism?

Check them out here!

TW_BowlingMuseum17_670 TW_BowlingMuseum000-001_670 TW_BowlingMuseum01_670 TW_BowlingMuseum02-001_670 Meow Wolf House of Eternal Return Meow Wolf House of Eternal Return Meow Wolf House of Eternal Return Meow Wolf House of Eternal Return Meow Wolf House of Eternal Return TW_BowlingMuseum12_670 TW_BowlingMuseum16_670Photo credit: Meow Wolf Collective


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