Do You Have Rh Negative Blood? New Theory Suggests Your DNA Doesn’t Come From Earth

An interesting new theory suggests if you have an RH negative blood type, you may have a kind of “alien DNA”. Studies show that Rh negative blood types do not carry the gene originating from the rhesus monkey, the supposed animal humans evolved from.

So if we have all come from monkeys, why do some people not carry that crucial gene? Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 8.52.21 AM

There are 4 blood types that we know of: A, B, AB and O. These differences are classified according to the different proteins which are found on the surface of our blood cells that fight off bacteria in the body. Most people have these proteins which means they are Rh positive. But a very minor group, only 10 to 15% of people have an Rh negative blood type.

This means they lack some of the proteins that an Rh positive person does.

Scientists have questioned where exactly the Rh negative blood group originates from, about 35,000 years ago. It’s seem to originally be connected with certain groups and tribes of people. About 40 to 45% of Europeans have an Rh negative group yet only 3% of African-American and 1% of Asian people have Rh negative blood.

Characteristics that come with this blood type are:

black-dna-dna-double-helix-dna-helicase-abstract-having a higher IQ

-having lower body temperature

-more psychically and emotionally in tune 

-red or reddish hair

-sensitivity to heat

-predominately blue, green or hazel eyes.

Cloning has been unsuccessful in Rh negative people as well as pregnancy sometimes.  If a pregnant mother has an Rh negative blood type, her body will reject or attack the fetus if it has and Rh positive blood type. Rh negative women must be treated with a special sterilization solution during their pregnancy. Why would a alien-jesusmother’s body attack her own offspring? It’s almost like as if it was an alien to her.

So this is where it gets interesting. It is no new theory that aliens exist and have visited our planet for centuries.

Many people report having alien abductions and interactions with other beings, and many of of those people happen to have Rh negative blood types. Some people believe this blood type comes from the Sumerian’s or the Annunaki, but I will leave that for you to debate.


With the fundamental understanding that aliens in fact do exist, this theory isn’t actually so other worldly. There are countless theories surrounding the possibility of genetic tampering from other species. Throughout history there are so many ancient texts and pieces of arts depicting beings visiting our planet.

So what do you think? Do you think this is possible?


18 thoughts on “Do You Have Rh Negative Blood? New Theory Suggests Your DNA Doesn’t Come From Earth”

  1. I have RH negative blood and all my aunts including my moms mom /my grandma/ were born in Roswell N,M. Q? I got pregnant at 15 and had to get a shoot at 29 weeks but when I delivered my daughter I had another rare condition called (Postpartum preeclampsia) *is a rare condition that occurs when a woman has high blood pressure and excess protein in her urine soon after childbirth. Most cases of postpartum preeclampsia develop within 48 hours of childbirth. However, postpartum preeclampsia sometimes develops up to six weeks after childbirth* and I was wondering if anyone had any information on why my genes are so weird and will this offect my future pregnancy? please email me any information?
    [email protected]
    thank you,
    meggan hughes

  2. “Rh negative women must be treated with a special sterilization solution during their pregnancy.” That is patently untrue! Rh- Mothers must be given a gamma globulin injection AFTER delivery of an Rh positive child in order to prevent formation of antibodies which could harm the next child. “Special sterilization solution?” Nonsense! There is no such solution and why would you need to sterilize the mom, preventing her from becoming pregnant again. If you get this wrong, you have little understanding of the negative rhesus factor: I will not accept that you have any valid research.

    1. So what was that shot they gave me during pregnancy because I was O negative? I only had one child. I received no shot after delivery. Your comment is incorrect.

  3. I am RH negative, I have green eyes and my body temp is always 96. My hair is or was reddish brown. I have them all. I must say foremost, I am a child of God.

  4. Im RH- have red brown hair hazel eyes my body temp is allways low but i dont beleive in aliens they arent mentiond in the bible

    1. Bible, smible…Religion is the biggest fraud to be perpetrated on the Human population. Book of stories and the best part about it….what those stories were describing were ALIEN encounters. ooooooohhhhhhh

  5. Science proves that it is a rare genetic mutation. But what restricts me from accepting it to be a DNA mutation is the fact that such persons are more inclined to healing professions, most authors of metaphysical books have Rh-negative blood, and other spiritual phenomena.
    So I cant completely deny the fact that they can be of alien origin.

  6. I find it truly unbelievable that science has no solid answeres! Why do I fit their narrative? Low blood pressure yep! I had to take medicine to raise it. Lower than normal temp yep! Can’t take the heat yep! Before I turned gray I was a red head! But I do have brown eyes! I find this all to strange. I am RH Negative O! Geez…

    1. У моей мамы был резус отрицательный,она родила трех дочерей, одна с положительным резусом. У меня и у старшей сестры резус отрицательный. Я родила двух сыновей резус положительный и антител при беременности не было.

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