The Three Dimensions of How We Experience Love

Did you know that Love and happiness are our natural mechanisms for physical and mental healing?


In Tibetan medicine and many ancient cultures around the world, is this not a new concept.

Tulku Lobsang wrote a beautiful book about this in which he shares this beautiful wisdom from the Tantrayana Buddhist perspective. (Love & Health. Love is the best medicine) It is saying that all diseases are caused by the mind and because of this; the way to become healthy is through love.

There are three general dimensions of love.

The first one is of the gross mind, which occurs through the senses of feeling good about external things. Next there is love on the subtle level, which is internally generated. And finally, there is love of the great subtle mind, which is absolute Love.

There are four levels of love of the gross mind, all of which he refers to as feeling love: looking love, smiling love, touching love and oneness love.self love

Feeling love is generated through sensory experiences, meaning positive experiences of the five senses. Whatever makes you feel good increases this kind of love. Think of the things we surround ourselves with in our homes, our decorations, clothes, the food we eat and the places we visit to enjoy ourselves.

This type of love is so temporary. If you stay in this level of love, it will no longer be happiness. It becomes changeable suffering because things, in the end, always change.

Subtle love is connected to our mind. It is internal and stems from the feeling of giving and is more inherently connected to our being.

With subtle love we have the freedom to choose how we want to feel. It does not depend on conditions. It is just a way of thinking, a state of mind.


There are five ways to directly experience subtle love. There is neutrality, compassion, kindness, happiness and love. The antitheses of these five loves are the five negative emotions: ignorance, anger, attachment, jealousy and ego/pride.

These emotions you want to process as thoroughly as possible without holding them inside of you. Latching on to them can bring you down and will work against you in the long run.

Finally we have absolute love. Whenever you identify with the self, your feeling of desire becomes smaller every time. Desire, to be interpreted as wishing to and not as lust. It will function as an engine in life. What is needed is great desire.

This is unconditional love and unconditional passion. When you desire everything, it means your passion will work as a fiery motivation. Nothing will stop you.

Love will keep you in the flow of the universe.



By Harriet Algra inspired by Love & Health. Love is the best medicine

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