The Power of Oil Pulling: 7 Amazing Health Benefits

Originating as an Ayurvedic ritual dating back 3 000 plus years, oil pulling involves swishing a tablespoon of organic coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil or sesame oil around your mouth for between 5-20 minutes, pulling the oil between your teeth and then spitting it out. One should never swallow this as you are trying to cleanse your mouth of toxins.

Thereafter, you can brush your teeth with a fluoride free toothpaste and you’re on your way to improved health.

Able to transform your health, the oil acts as a cleanser, pulling out all the nasties your mouth can host before they get a chance to spread through your body. Reducing stress, inflammation and freeing up the immune system, it generally aids overall well being. There’s a whole book dedicated to oil pulling, but here are the top seven benefits:

1. WHITENS TEETHshutterstock_397508140

Avoid unhealthy chemical whitening strips and potions. possessing natural antiviral and antibiotic properties, it brightens teeth and keeps them white.

Gwyneth Paltrow is known to follow the practice every morning and you cannot miss her gorgeous smile!


Our immune system is well known for working very hard at keeping us in tip top shape. It clears out toxins, which in return can drain our energy levels. Preventing the cycle from happening by halting the spread of bacteria, viruses etc can assist our bodies in strengthening the immune system, allowing us to better utilize our energy.


oilPullingGerms are well known to cause inflammation and lead to illness and disease.

The mouth is the initial gateway!

Therefore, if we remove toxins at the source before they are able to spread, the body basically undergoes a complete detox!


Imbalances in our hormones are often linked to immune interruptions. Ridding ourselves of these allows our body to fall back into balance, better regulating our hormones.


Headaches and migraines are often caused by an overload of toxins. This is nature’s way of begging to retire until the body recovers. Eliminating these toxins equals less headaches.

6. KEEPS THE SKIN CLEARstressedskincare

Skin issues will also improve. Toxins are the number one cause for breakouts and eczema.

Cleansing your blood will almost instantly improve your skin tone and quality.

Bye bye blackheads!


Known to assist with reducing cavities and bad breath, removing the Streptococcus mutant bacteria which is a well known player in tooth decay as well as other micro organisms, oil pulling is great for general oral health. Plaque induced gingivitis is even reduced. When starting to try oil pulling, you may immediately notice some of the health benefits, some may only feel improvement after  few weeks.

This all depends on your current state of health and how compromised your immune system currently is. Either way, give it a go, stick to it and reap the rewards!


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