The Real Dangers of Being Surrounded By WiFi 24/7

The world we live in is changing every day, technology is evolving with exponential speed, while humanity is slowly waking up. But are we being cradled back to sleep again by the ‘Smart-grid’ that is covering our world?

The world has never been so instant, we are one e-mail, Whatsapp or Skype-call away from being in contact with a person on the other side of the planet.


Yet the communication through screens make us forget to interact with the people who are close by. Not only that, we are being distracted of what is going on around us, by being entertained with the newest gadgets -smart-phones, smart-watches, tablets, laptops, and things we’re told are important to buy.

These technologies all have one thing in common: they all use WiFi.

It is absolutely crucial if you need to be in touch with all your Facebook friends or if you need to look up the newest trends online.

So have you ever thought about the consequences for having all these technological tools in your house? What is the effect of being surrounded by WiFi 24/7?

All these technological gadgets project radiation, specially the smart-phones. It is not in big quantities, though all the small amounts accumulate.


Causing different health issues as the amount increases in our earthly bodies. Symptoms affiliated with radiation are frequent headaches, disruption in sleep patterns, extreme fatigue, high blood pressure, depression and is even believed to be even a cause of cancer.

WiFi has become an actual NEED. Many people work online or use the internet to create income, but the biggest convenience of our modern time, may also be the biggest Trojan horse that we have not faced yet.

This matter has not been fully brought to the attention of the mass.

Scientist R. Douglas Fields had already published a 2008 study called ‘mind control by cell phone’. It focuses on what the electromagnetic fields are doing to our brainwaves. It shows that our brain activity is being lowered in significant measures.


That makes us more receptive to idea’s that are not originally ours. It would explain why some people in this world seem to only be able to repeat nonsense that is being projected as important, like the intimate details of famous people.

The scariest part is that our children are the ones that are influenced the most, since they tend to be a lot more sensitive to electromagnetic fields.

Some three year old toddlers today know better how to work an I-phone than their parents.

Technology is the future, ‘they‘ say. It is evolving in such a speed that any science fiction movie actually looks like a glimpse of the near future.

But are the consequences going to allow us to consciously witness the years ahead of us or, will we be so stuck to our screens that humans will be more similar to robots than the sentient beings we are meant to be?

What can we do to evolve in stead of being set back? We need to start remembering what our true purpose is. We can only find that within ourselves and not between the pixels of technology.


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