Indigo Children: Are We Misdiagnosing Them With ADHD?

For decades, drugs have been the go to for parents who think they have a child with ADHD. Too many children grow up being synthetically forced to align with the general expectations of schools and psychologists in the last few decades; one wonders how different our generation of 25-35 year olds could have been.


A group of American psychologists now claim to have a completely different theory on why children may display what was once coined “ADD and ADHD”. They now claim that these children may in fact posses what some deem to be “supernatural powers.”

In reality, an indigo child is someone who is more sensitive, aware and naturally insightful than other children. It has nothing to do with being more special or unique than anyone else; it is just their perception of reality.

Vice did a documentary on Indigo children, and to be expected, it wasn’t very open minded. Vice is a great media source, but when it comes to spirituality, they aren’t as open to it.

Vice’s Gavin Haynes traveled through New York to potentially meet Indigo Children born in the 90’s. He wanted to understand more about them, how they feel and how their perceived psychic gifts have affected them.


While on this journey, Haynes encounters a mother and daughter duo who perform a full holistic dentistry examination, has his aura read and meets the Indigo rap duo “The Underachievers” who preach Indigoism as a way of life.

This documentary is interesting and informative even though it sways from being objective. It’s clear the narrator thinks the idea of indigo children is mostly a joke and can’t see the bigger picture. It’s both frustrating and interesting to watch, as he casts a subtle judgement on those who claim to be indigo.

This is a great representation of the energies of the masses. There are some, who have just been born awakened because of their parents, and others who will judge them because they haven’t experience that in their lives.

Indigo’s are considered to be special because of their understanding of what’s really going on in the world. When I was a child, I had an inherent knowing that our societal systems weren’t in the benefit of humanity; only the select few. It’s obvious for anyone who really looks, and those who take the time to put the pieces of the puzzle together are considered indigo.

Many young people born are indigo simply because we are moving into a time of heightened awareness. One doesn’t need to be spiritual to be an indigo, they just need to have a sense of awareness to them.


Typical traits of an Indigo include: 

  • Born with a sense of royalty; knowing they are unique and deserve to be valued.
  • They feel that they are here for a reason and expect you to automatically relate.
  • They are aware of their self-worth.
  • They don’t conform to authority and require choices. The educational or hierarchical systems are good examples of that.
  • They struggle to follow strict rules.
  • They’re usually creative, artistic or musically talented
  • Trying to scare these children with old control methods like – “Wait till your father gets home” has no effect on them.
  • It’s important that their personal goals be fulfilled.
  • They are usually diagnosed with ADD or ADHD
  • They get easily bored and can form addictions
  • Usually wise beyond their years

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