How To Get Through The Mainstream School System As An Awakened Child

A lot of you will be able to relate to this one.

Bullying in school isn’t something new, and it’s time we have a different perspective on it.Happy school children playing tug of war with rope in park

The design of the educational system, teachers that don’t care and restless kids are all factors in a negative school experience. My elementary school experience was extremely brutal, but it something that shaped me. I was bullied quite harshly – but at the same time I was also very mean to those around me. It was an ebb and flow of energy I did’t understand as a child.

Many children nowadays are more insightful, wise and sensitive than ever before. It’s easy to go to a school where at least a few kids won’t understand you – and therefore judge you. If you consider yourself an indigo child, or just someone who doesn’t seem to fit in – this is for you.

Everyone has their own unique qualities that make them who they are – but if you find yourself not relating to those around you, there may be something about your perspective that makes you different.

If you’re not easy to conform, if you question things and keep asking why in life, this can separate you from others. A gap of curiosity can form between you and those who don’t seem to care. Those who are too wrapped up in the latest trends, celebrity gossip or trivial matters will seem at the opposite end of the spectrum of you. This doesn’t mean they aren’t insightful or unique – it’s just their perspective.

If you feel part of something bigger, like there’s a fundamental misunderstanding in this world and you’ve come here to figure it out – this is for you.

Surround Yourself With Those Who Understandgroup of friends

Creating support structures in your life is vital at any age. We are naturally social creatures who live in communities together.

Creating a friend group at school can feel like a lifesaver. You’re safe, protected and understood. Make sure those around you truly do understand, and aren’t just saying they do.

You can tell by seeing if their actions match with their words. The years we are in school are crucial, self-developing years for us. Especially places like high school can shape our personalities if we let it. These are also the years when we find our life-long friends.

Be About Your Business

A-arte-de-colecionar-delicadezas-by-Tuane-Eggers-1024x683Just do you! When you’re in the flow of your passion, you don’t tend to notice what’s going on around you. What are some of your favorite things to do, and how can you incorporate them into your school life?

If you like photography, art, science or something you can take a class in, enroll it in! And then get your passion all up in it.

Do extra projects, spend your lunches creating something amazing that you can be proud of.

When you are so into what you’re doing, the people around you can’t help but be interested.

It’s inspiring, and can even help people see their own talents. It can create bridges for communication, new friends and long lasting, positive experiences you can forever look back on.

Be Genuinely Kind

If you enjoy having a lot of attention on you, it’s important to be kind to those giving it to you. As a kid, I loved being the center of attention, but was pretty mean to those around me. I had created an energy of elusiveness, so I’d draw people into talking with me because I seemed mysterious, but because I was also unkind, it didn’t really work long term.

If you actually come from the heart, compliment people and stand up for what is right, people will look up to you. It’s almost impossible to get bullied when you feel good about yourself. It’s easy to see right through the insults of a bully when you can see the truth in the situation.

shutterstock_234036256People feel powerful when they have a group of friends to back them up. I was constantly bullied by a group of of about 6 boys, and because they had their safety net, they could say whatever they wanted to me and be supported in it. It’s important to have some kind of similar support if you are in that situation.

If you are happy with yourself, almost nothing can hurt you. When someone insults you, you can clearly see it as a reflection or something unresolved within that person. This can become a beautiful learning experience for you, to see how self conscious people will pretend to be the exact opposite – in a strategy to feel powerful.

It’s important to take care of yourself and your needs when going to school. If you consistently feel put down in your environment, talk to those around you. Tell your friends, teachers, guidance counselors and parents. Take your needs seriously, and if you need an environment that reflects your energy, see if it’s possible to attend an alternative school to fit your personality.

Many schools have an alternative spin on them that many indigo children attend, because they feel like they are one big family. If that’s something you need – make sure you make it known.

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