Libra: The Sign of The Balanced Soul

Libra, the balancer.

librabluetoliteThis is the seventh sign in the zodiac. It is represented by the symbol of scales,  from the scales of justice held by the Themis, the Greek personification of divine law. Libra is one of the three air signs, making it mental in nature. It was said that Rome was founded when the moon was in Libra, the perfect balance.

Everything is balanced and righteous with this sign. It’s position in the constellation is very interesting, with it being right in between Virgo and Scorpio, the two sides almost opposites of each other. Virgo represents the virgin while Scorpio is known to have a lot of sexual energy.

Many libra’s are extreme perfectionist and hard workers. My partner is one of the most Libra-y Libra’s out there. The level of sensitivity, hyper awareness and balance he brings is outstanding. He has described being a libra as loving to make things perfect, balancing those scales just right, then once you get bored, you tip the scales again and start over – just for the fun of it.

Some libra’s are the perfect leaders for this world because they are fair minded, social, and just in their actions. Justice and equality are some of the most important things to a libra. They try to make peace wherever they go and will often put the needs of others before their own. This can leave them drained and in need to recharge if they aren’t careful about where they place their energy.

The sign of libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of passion, beauty, and love – especially when shared with someone else. They love beautiful spaces, carefully crafted things and the luxur


y of life. My partner absolutely love fancy spaces, but it’s not about it being expensive or luxurious, it’s about the craftsmanship and care that went into it.

Libra’s are known to have self-pity sometimes when things don’t go right. They’ve also been known to hold grudges against people when they feel hurt. Trust is of the utmost importance to a libra. They’re incredibly sensitive and forgiving when they that it is deserving. They care so deeply about creating harmony that they forget to work on creating that harmony within them.

It said that many Libra’s depend on their partners, weighing their success or failure in life on their relationship. This is because they know we are inherently social creatures and, as a perfectionist, they are always trying to get things to work.

They don’t give up easily, they really are some of the most dedicated and hard-working people. It’s interesting, because many libra’s are considered to be lazy, when in my experience, they are actually trying to find effective ways for find long-term solutions rather than just covering up problems with a band aid.

Virgo ascension into Libra?

Just because they love beautiful things doesn’t mean they are shallow  or superficial in their relationships. It is about finding the beauty in personality and mentality. If you have a special libra in your life, be attentive to their needs and their immediate surroundings, as many of them flourish in tidy spaces. It helps clear their over-stimulated mind.

When they are given the space and freedom to thrive, Libra’s can find incredible solutions to some of our worlds largest problems.

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