Aquarius: The Sign of The Intuitive Soul

Calling all of the Aquarians out there! Those born under this sign are known to be some of the awakened children, teenagers and adults that will carry us into the new millennium.


As we enter the Age of Aquarius, those with the sign are known to be born as visionaries, outside-of-the-box thinkers and progressive souls. Some of us are here very specifically to bring forth the new, benevolent world to fruition.

As a half aquarius, half pisces cusp, I take on traits from both sides.

The sign of Aquarius is symbolized by the water bearer but is actually an air sign. The representation of water being poured is the knowledge and ideas many Aquarius bring forth. Many of us love to share stories, ideas and emotions with those around us.

Many Aquarians have a high IQ and constantly running mind that can turn out some pretty incredible thoughts.

The ruling planet is Saturn; the planet of getting things done. It is all about discipline, responsibility and creation. Structure and order are some of the main traits that Saturn represents. The secondary ruling planet is Uranus.


This planet represents seeing life from a new perspective, originality and innovative creations. Is also known as the planet of rebellion which really just means new ways of thinking and being. The combination of these two planets is incredibly powerful when used purposely.

Aquarians can use their discipline in conjunction with their originality to create absolutely innovative inventions.

Aquarians care about being independent and expressing themselves originally. They are very dynamic and highly intellectual people who can see both sides objectively to help solve problems effectively. That are good at adapting to the energy around them, but are picky about who they spend time with.

I know I can get drained very easily when I’m having a”normal “conversation or conversations I feel like I need to put in an excess amount of energy.

Clear communication is vital for Aquarians, as they are represented by the idea of the spreading knowledge. They are highly emotional, fluid and ever-changing just like water; they need people in their immediate life that understands those aspects of them. For me, ever since I was born I have been highly selective of who I spend my time around.

Water signs have heightened sensitivities to other’s emotions and the energy behind it. Many Aquarians can see through the facades people put up, which can just end up draining them more.you_belong_to_me_by_aquasixio-d799lr21

If you are an Aquarius, be careful about who you spend your time with, make sure they give you the same amount of energy back to balance the flow.

Be soft, gentle and kind in a relationship with an Aquarius, they are can be considered “overly sensitive” by those who don’t understand and that just further pushes them away.

This sign is the representation of clarity, bringing forth information that floods over everything. Aquarians are some of the core visionaries for the new world.

5 thoughts on “Aquarius: The Sign of The Intuitive Soul”

  1. Hi…
    I’m verry spiritual and too have visions that come to pass. I don’t feel weird about it, I just know that I’m a vessel for god and I’m going to continue to deliver the message for whoever it belonged too…
    Thank u

  2. Why me most times l can see things and happen in future and l first dream crucial people before meeting them ,this is not false l some times dream things and happen what is wrong with ? ! ,l dnt want to indentify my self .

    1. There is nothing wrong with you. I too see many things, only I’m wide awake when I see them and they always happen exactly as I’ve seen them.

    2. I too see things before they happen. It is strange. I can feel other people’s spirit/personality immediately. It’s like I instantly know how they are.

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