Sagittarius: The Sign of The Bold Soul

Okay, your turn Sagittarius!

THE-EDUCATION-OF-ACHILLES-James-Barry-1772Sagittarius is in the 9th house of the zodiac. Tucked in between Capricorn and Scorpio, Sagittarius is symbolized by the archer Chiron. In Greek mythology, Chiron was a half man half centaur who practiced medicine, archery, healing and hunting. Interesting mix isn’t it? 

The Sagittarius sign is also represented by an image of a bow and arrow. These energies are direct, quick and sometimes sharp.

Sagittarius’s are known for that double side of them – where they are the life of the party, humorous and the center of attention, but only if they feel comfortable.

If they feel awkward, out of place or uncomfortable in anyway, a Sagittarius can shift into exactly the opposite of wanting attention. As many people are becoming increasingly sensitive to energies, many Sagittarius’s can easily pull back from these intense social situations.

group of friendsRuled by Jupiter, the planet of transformation and opportunity, Sagittarius’s can be quick to spring into action. Strongly pulled by the desire to explore, there are a lot of cultural, philosophical and even cosmic thoughts in the brain of a Sagittarius.

This is the sign of choice, represented by the tarot card temperance.

They embody the energy of an arrow, it’s something that strikes you and captures your focus. Many people with this sign are known to be outgoing, adventurous and up lifting.

On the flip side, that arrow can sometimes come with some bluntness. A true fire sign, this centaur can sometimes get emotionally intense.

That extroverted attitude can sometimes look like recklessness or insensitivity. For those with this sign, remember not everyone experiences emotions the same, and that boldness can sometimes be overwhelming.

Depending on how you grew up and what experiences shaped you, many Sagittarius’s come with a sense of carefreeness to them. They make great leaders when they are focused, many love the feeling of traveling and the spontaneity of life.

Other curious signs that match your openness are Gemini and Leo who are always up for a fun time.

Just as everyone has many aspects to them, some Sagittarius can easily become overwhelmed by their adventurous situations. Sometimes, there’s a switch in all of us that can go off when something triggers us to become uneasy. fire_in_motion_03

When this happens for a Sagittarius, those bold qualities can take a hiatus while you recharge your energy. Be sure to take time for yourself and rest after your adventures!

Take care of that fire within you; feed it what it needs to truly ignite.


Feature picture: Kagaya

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