Daily Divination April 8, 2016 ~ The Waking of the Peaceful Warrior

Dagaz and Tiwaz Reversed

Today’s reading comes full circle from last Tuesday’s Daily Divination. With Dagaz and Tiwaz the warrior theme continues, though today Tiwaz appears in reverse. What might the reverse of the warrior rune represent and how does it affect the rune of the dawn? Let’s explore.

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In the first position, we have Dagaz, the rune of the dawn, and also the rune of breakthrough or quick, bold change. It symbolizes transformation, awakening, and creativity. It can also represent ideas or concepts coming into fruition.


What role does the dawn play in our lives? We wake to it with the energy of a new day. A new set of possibilities, and a whole new set of challenges. If you look at the design of this glyph you can imagine the rays of light emitting from a single point like the sign rising up over the horizon at the dawn of a new day.


Tiwaz reversed warns us that we must act with great care. Our actions may be uninformed and made in haste. Tiwaz in reverse may also represent a blockage in one’s own creativity which can be overcome by self-discipline.


To be a peaceful warrior we must practice courage with compassion as well as mindful action instead of reaction. There may be challenges or things in our lives that seem out of our control and if that is true then focus on the things that are in your control and leave the rest up to spirit.

Alistair & Forest


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