Daily Divination 4/9/16 ~ Changes in Wealth & Security

Today’s rune reading begins with Hagalaz, the Storm Rune, or the rune of drastic change or disruption. This rune represents the effects of unforeseen or uncontrollable forces, and often accompanies great changes in one’s situation.

This upheaval type of energy, while it may be frightening at times, is necessary to make space for new development. It can shift the tone of complacency and be a positive force in that it can dislodge negative habits or habitual circumstance.


Othala is the rune of inheritance or physical possessions. It reminds us of the need for material security and the important role it plays in our lives.

It can also represent hard work, dedication, vision, and other necessary ingredients of success, so it is generally a very positive rune. One must be careful not to take this energy in excess, however, as this can lead to greed or materialistic hoarding.

Considering the two together, with Othala acting on Hagalaz, we see the theme of change in material wealth or one’s relationship to material wealth. This could mean many things, and you should consider what that might mean to you. Perhaps a new job opportunity? Maybe a great stroke of luck? You may even find yourself becoming more self-reliant and feeling less desire for material things.

Always be weary of disruptive and chaotic forces, but leave room for their cleansing effect for these things may very well be blessings in disguise.

Alistair & Forest

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