Daily Divination ~ A Tidal Wave of Emotion

Yesterday I was fortunate to receive a new reading cloth! It’s basically a large soft handmade scarf that you use exclusively for tarot readings, and even wrapping your cards in to keep them safe. A sacred cloth, so to speak.

This was the first reading I did on this cloth. I actually pulled it in reverse, from right to left.

This reading takes place entirely in the suit of cups (emotions), and 3 of the 4 cards are Court Cards.

Have a look.

4 waters daily divination

Lets do the breakdown, in the order it was drawn.

Prince of Cups Reversed – The Mental, Observing the Emotion

This card in its reversed form is indicating turning the entire ocean upside down and it submerging the ocean in the air. The mind being overtaken by emotion, not necessarily with any action, but the complete washing over between the two spiraling realms – The Mind and the Emotions.

The King of Cups – The Male Maturity of the Emotional Realm

This card describes the embodiment of Emotions from a spiritually complete realm. Unlike the Prince, who observes the emotions from the Mind, the King now understands them mentally so well that he responds to them as they flow through him. He lives them fully, he is not restricted by them, they are a fundamental flow of his being.

The Queen of Cups – The Soul of the Water

the Queen of Cups is the Emotions herself. She is pure emotion, passion, feeling. Where the King flows emotions from the heart through his being, the Queen is the emotional security that comes from such a deep emotional connection and knowing. She is calm, intuitive, and compassionate beyond measure.

The Ace of Cups – The Impulse of Emotion!

This card is indicative of the Impulse of emotion that is the beginning of so many of our stories. When people fall in love, when love brings people together. Family, friends, relationships… These are a result of our emotions wanting something, and then realizing each other as a source of that desire, and a way to make it happen. It is the bringing together of loving energies that create the 2 of Cups – Love, the 3 of cups – Abundance, and the 4 of cups – Pleasure.

All Together

These cards, altogether, describe the flipping of youthful male energy on its head to evolve the universal consciousness of matured emotional energy. The King and Queen (Our mature selves) hold the center of the emotional realm, causing impulse of emotion itself, and the flipping around of Youthful-understandings on its head.

In the presence of a true emotional stability, it creates strength in all of those that come near it.

Practically, for you today:

Take a look at all of this symbolism and think about who they may relate to. Whether all of the aspects exist within yourself, or if there are aspects of these that are strongly connected to someone close to you or that you’ve interacted with today.

There’s a relationship between these people, and your inner emotions, as often you will find it’s both the inside, and the outside.

Take a look at those connections and meditate upon them. Think about what it means. If you are the Prince of Cups, and your going to get emotionally schooled, it’s best to flow with that large cup of emotion because it will lead to your own maturity.

If you are in the mature space to someone else who is not, and you’re flipping things on their head… Take care of them, because theres a huge whirlwind taking place for them!

And with that,

I bid you a wonderful, water filled day.

With love,

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