3 Unreal Stories of Children Who Remember Their Past Lives

Alright, let’s get real here.

Consciousness does not just cease to exist after death; it is a fundamental energy that is not limited to the physical. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have had first hand experience of vivid past life memories.

Many people experience them through visions or dreams, or actually dying and returning to life. A continually-added to document of over 2400 reincarnation cases are being studied at The University of Virginia.

More and more children are being born ‘awakened’ and have access to past life memories and deeper insights other children cannot seem to comprehend. These children have vivid details that could not simply be obtained from tv shows or books. They have names, dates and details of specific events that could only be known through intense research or personal experience.

Understanding the mechanics of reality allows us to see that energy exists beyond linear time, physicality and our constructs of normal


James Leininger

The first experience comes from a 6 year old boy named James. From an early age, he took a keen interest in planes and aviation; he’d only play with toy planes until the age of 2. His admiration for planes shifted as he grew, he started to have nightmares of being in crashing planes, saying “Airplane crash on fire, little man can’t get out.”12416470_f520

His mom Andrea, like many parents, was at first very doubtful. It was actually her mother who first suggested it.

Many parents dismiss past life experiences because their children’s imaginations are so vivid and other worldly.

Yet, she says there is no way he would have known about some of these details. One time they had bought James a toy plane and she pointed out what she thought  were bombs on the bottom. James corrected her, saying they were called drop tanks.  

“I’d never heard of a drop tank,” she said. “I didn’t know what a drop tank was.”

They watched children’s shows, never anything about or referencing World War II documentaries or military history. Most of this experiences would come out as he was falling asleep or drowsy. So fascinating! 

James had told his parents his plane had been hit by the Japanese and crashed. He also started signing his crayon drawings as James 3. This soon started his father, Bruce to start researching and finding out that the only pilot from the squadron killed at Iwo Jima was James M. Huston Jr.

12416475_f260He said he took off from Natoma and gave the name of someone he flew with, Jack Larson. After researching, Bruce had found out that the place and name were very much real. James also said he was shot down at Iwo Jima and took a direct hit on the engine. 

A man named Ralph Clarbour who was a rear gunner on an aircraft that also took off from Natoma Bay, says his plane was right next to one flown by James M. Huston Jr. near Iwo Jima on March 3, 1945.


 Cameron Macaulay

This young boy Cameron Macaulay is super interesting. I had found videos of him a few years ago and always loved watching the documentary. Cameron is a young boy growing up in Scotland, and ever since the age of two he has talked about a previous life on Barra, an island 200 miles away on the west coast of Scotland.

No one has ever told him about Barra before, he hasn’t seen advertisements on screens or pictures in books. He is able to describe immense details of his previous life; he says he lived in a white house that over looked the beach and sea. He says planes would land on the beach and he that had many brothers and sisters. They owned a black and white dog as well.Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 6.07.20 PM

He would always say he missed his Barra mom, and that his current mom would have liked her as well. Cameron says his Barra dad was named Shane Robertson and had died after getting ‘knocked’ by a car.

What’s so interesting about this story is that only half the facts are true, and the ones that are, are very strange. There was no Shane Robertson but there was a black and white dog. There was a white house over looking the beach that matched his description, but planes didn’t land on the beach.

This case seems like a mixing of realities. Infinite versions of different timelines exist within our fractal universe. He might have been mixing different timelines, memories and experiences that just don’t line up on the 3D.

Cameron is undeniably insightful. He had told one of his friends not to worry about dying, you just come back again. And when his mother asked him how he got here, he replied with “I fell through, and went into your tummy.” 

Edward Austrian

Four-year-old Edward has also had similar experiences. Ever since he was born he had been afraid of gray, gloomy days. Over time, he had started to develop a problem with his throat. He would say his shot was hurting whenever he had a sore throat. He started telling his mother very detailed stories about his previous life in the muddy trenches of what seemed like World War I.

He describes how he had been shot in the throat and that was what killed him.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 6.02.45 PMHis doctors were unable to find the root cause for his consistent sore throats, so they removed his tonsils as a precautionary measure, which then developed into a cyst.

None of the doctors could figure out why it kept happening, but the more he would openly talk about his past life, the better his throat would get.

Everything is so much more connected than we understand, our emotional and mental suppression can lead to physical disease. As he was able to emotionally open up to the people around him, his body physically healed itself.

We are living in the age of disbelief, where we need scientists and people with PhD’s to tell us what is and isn’t real. It’s time to transcend the limiting concepts of what is normal in this reality. People all around the world are experiencing, not imagining the same events and memories. Scientifically, we shut out what we don’t understand and can’t immediately measure.

Seeing is believing isn’t how it works – believing allows us to see. 

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