A Warning from the Inuit – The Earth has Already Shifted!

The Inuit are an indigenous people, one of those only who’s lifestyle has not been completely and entirely affected by the modern machinery of today. While they still have adopted many modern technologies, their world has not been overrun by skyscrapers and smog.

Today, they live in frozen isolation up north, and it is from their vantage point of the world that they have noticed something very peculiar happen, or happening rather! The Sky has Changed!

The elders maintain that the Sun no longer rises where it used to, and they now have longer hunting times because the Sun is both higher than it used to be, and subsequently warms up quicker than it did previously.


There is not a single Inuit who is in disagreement on this. The Sky has changed.

What do you make of all of this?

Where are we going?!

With love,

Source – Off Grid Quest

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