Daily Divination – The Advent of a New Journey

Rune Stones and Zodiac Wheel

Today’s Daily Divination is a Rune Reading!

Much like Tarot cards, Runes are an ancient form of divination used for countless generations! Each rune a symbol of another aspect of reality and our own consciousness. Runes are cast, and then interpreted, and often read together.

We are going to be incorporating Runes into our Daily Divination!


The two Runes for today are called: Berkana and Raido

0016 - First Rune Reading

What they symbolize… is New Beginnings and the long Journey. The action setting of Berkana is indicative that this is a good time to start new endeavors. The timing of the reading, along with the arrival of spring, suggests fresh beginnings.

Raido is a the rune of the journey. This may be a literal journey or one of the spirit. Sometimes we decide to come at our lives with a renewed effort to make positive changes. This is one of those times.

When interpreted together, we are told very simply, that today is the first day of Spring, and with that, we cast off our winter cloak, and our seeds of personal creations begin to sprout. As spring comes to a beginning, we are about to embark upon a grand new journey. This year will be quite an adventure!!

Take a journey and try some new things today, this week, and this year. Your angels are with you.

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