Studies Show People Who Are Awakened Can Telepathically Influence Others’ Dreams

Dream telepathy is the event in which a person influences or sends specific images to a sleeping person via telepathy. This form of para psychological (PSI) phenomena has been documented through out the ages. While it has been a interesting subject as long as people have been communicating, the theories behind this phenomena started to solidify with the psychoanalytic movement. Great thinkers like Freud, Tesla, and Jung were greatly interested in and believed in non physical abilities of people.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” – Nikola Tesla

shutterstock_228583069 (1)Once technology caught up to the idea of the human potential we started testing the theories. Most notably, Dr. Montag Ullman, experimented in the mid 60’s to test the ideas that people could send randomly selected and specific material.

Conducted at the Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York, test subjects attempted to send images of photographs and paintings. Dr. Stanley Krippner joined the experiment shortly after it began, Krippner is still actively experimenting in this field. The experiments lasted more than ten years, yielding statistically significant results.

The experiments were staggered so there was a ‘sender’ and a ‘receiver’. Some one to telepathically send specific images and some one to telepathically receive those images. The sender and receiver would meet briefly before the experiment. They would be separated and sent to rooms far away from each other. The ‘sender’ would have a randomly chosen image waiting for them in their room. They would have no prior knowledge of what they would be sending. They would focus on the image and attempt to send it telepathically to the receiver.

shutterstock_130843658The receiver was always within a hundred mile radius. After falling asleep they would be intentionally wakened shortly after entering REM sleep by the staff. Together they would fill out a report of what was experienced.

Information on the original pictures was firmly compartmentalized. The reports were handed off to a separate part of the team, along with the reports of the ‘sender’s’ experience.

The results were amazing. Subjects almost always reported back an interpretation of the sent information that was relatable. The images and experiences didn’t always make since to the ‘receiver’. One image sent was a painting of a dance classroom. The ‘receiver’ reported dreaming of room full of girls. One of the dream girls tried to dance with the dreamer multiple times.shutterstock_144753493 (1)

We know what is happening. Information previously unknown to a person is becoming known after another person initiates a phenomena. Technology and science still has no real answers.

We aren’t even sure if each person is using the same phenomena to send information. One person could be using telepathy while another is using a crazy form of spiritual displacement!

The fact that this information does not hit the main stream information centers is highly disturbing. The government has been experimenting with PSI since the 60’s but shared none of its findings. So much energy is being spent keeping this line of study in the dark, but the experiments are still allowed to continue. I think there is information on this subject than is being shared.

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