4 Uncomfortable Changes That Happen When You’re On Your True Path

When you’ve worked hard enough to find your path, you’ll find yourself in a ‘cloud nine’ feeling. All that work and perseverance has payed off! You finally can see that glimmering light at the end of your tunnel. Enjoy this feeling, share it with the people you love. Make full use of this feeling of empowerment and faith in yourself. Do not stand around waiting for the other shoe to drop or for the shit to hit the fan as it were. More obstacles are bound to fall in your path so please, please, please congratulate yourself. This feeling, like all things will not last.

Granted you have been bold enough to find and open the door to your next chapter, but now your goals have the addendum of not falling off. You have new resources and better practices then you may have ever experienced. This spiritual ‘rising through the ranks’ means you will now face elements you have no precedent with. Emotions that used to be a simmer now a roaring bubble. People turning to you for support like never before. The list is endless.


What happened? Just a moment ago the world was at your finger tips! Are you really doing what you want? Will your actions carry the intended effect? You’ve dealt with uncertainty in the past but now it’s different. You may be fearful that you’ve wasted all this energy and time for something that you no longer desire.

Have no fear. We are naturally always on the hunt for our happiness. Happiness is something every person has the ability to recognize. Focus on the here and now. Thank yourself for having the insight and discipline to get as far as you did. I believe that all experience is only a waste if we choose to view it as such.


Welcome to the dark side of success. Everyone talks about how bad the days can get but no one mentions the agony of the endless evening sent alone. Day break is on it’s way, so stay strong. Those thoughts in your head seem to be invigorated by the night sky.

All the tasks you never finished send their harshest reminders in the dead of night. Build a plan to handle what you need to. Breathe. Occupy your mind with books, movies, or mediation. Make a snack. The most important thing is that you spend as little energy as possible, you still have things to do tomorrow.

Social Polarities

You’ll find yourself in different and new social situations. You seem to be surrounded by people or alone. People flock to you to share in the strong, positive and productive energies you radiate out. To get anything done you strike out alone. This flux of social attentions is dizzying.

You will need to set new boundaries on many different levels. As your priorities change so to do you. What was acceptable or fun two months ago may no longer fit into your plan. As you set these new parameters be aware of people’s feelings and tread carefully. There is no need to burn bridges.

Keeping the Balance Productive

Your life has been given new-found energy, momentum, and influence. Tread with care and mind the gap. It’s easy to let your professional life over shadow your personal, your spiritual taking precedent over the physical. Remember you are part of a community, lean on others when you need to. Be as alert as you can for hang ups and obstacles. You are moving faster than you ever have, these problems will build like none before.

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