Hoax Or Visitors From The Stars? Crop Circles Are Still Shrouded In Mystery

Crop circles are designs that have been imprinted in crop fields. Sounds simple until we get into the nitty gritty details. The creators of these designs are a mystery for one. While a handful of humans have come forward to claim responsibility, there are many more instances that humans couldn’t have accomplished.

There are only so many hours in the night and many crop circles are huge (some spanning over a kilometer). It would take a massive team of people of people using GPS, lasers, and advanced, localized microwave emitters to produce the typical crop circle. This would be a very noticeable night time event. Even if a group of people were that organized and ninja trained, they would still very likely leave foot prints.

It was originally thought that a team of hoaxsters could use planks attached to ropes could bend the stalks. The manner that the more mysterious circles have been formed reveals a difference in how the stalks can be bent. Any physical means of forming the stalks breaks or deforms them. Only intense heated microwaves bends the stalk without deforming it. There is no hand held device that could do this on the such a large magnitude.

Over the crop circles that have no obvious creator,there is a strong magnetic resonance to be found lingering for a couple of days. We have no applicable knowledge of what could magnetize an entire field of crops or for what purpose. Scientific research has been conducted but no conclusions have been drawn. We gather facts of the after math but scientists would need information during or before the event to truly qualify what is going on.

The lack of obtainable information on the how is fairly is more than perplexing. There is a message being projected from some sort of entity and we are clueless as to what it is. If its aliens why would they choose such an indirect manner of communication. With their advanced technology there would be many avenues available for them to communicate to us.

There are theories that crop circles are communications from inter dimensional beings, or other supernatural entities. What really gives the latter theory clout is they have to use indirect means to contact us. Kind of like how entities use repeating numbers or other omens to communicate. They have restrictions placed on how they can cross ideas from the immaterial to the physical. As time goes on and more testing methods are employed to gather information we are more likely to glean new information.

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