This Beautiful Village In The Netherlands Is Famous For Its Lack Of Roads. Check It Out!

Paul Almasy brings us incredible images of Giethoorn, a lovely village in the province of Overijsse, northern Holland with an internationally renowned distinction. It has no streets only waterways! In lieu of streets is a system of canals 90 kilometers ( about 56 miles) in its entire length. With no aggressive noise pollution, visitors and inhabitants enjoy lush green scenery and the sound of lapping waters. People use row boats, gondolas, and dinghies driven by electric motor called ‘whisper boats’. In the summer musicians are invited to play on a gondola that circles the town.

Giethoorn 7

Tourist agencies have dubbed this magnificent place the ‘Venice of Holland’. While the canal structure is similar, this village’s calm pace does nothing to beat the bustling Italian city. A perfect travel location for shutterbugs, water enthusiasts and those in need of a sincere nap!
Giethoorn 1

Giethoorn 10

Giethoorn 15

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