Incredible! This Guy Takes His Dog On The Most Epic Adventures

Dogs really are man’s best friend, for so many reasons that they make astounding travel partners. I live in Colorado and Coloradans bring our dogs everywhere for just this reason! Aspen, the mountain pup, is no exception. Hailing from Colorado, his owners are more than your typical adventurers. Seeming to go deep into very scenic locations his owners take plenty of photographs hallmarking the events. Aspen gets more than his fair share of the shutter including his own Instagram page!Taken from

Taken from

Dogs make great companions, learning better and better manners and skills as you take them into new situations frequently. Dogs won’t complain when the going gets rough and I’ve found their bountiful attitudes always worth their weight in dog food. In a safety since its great having a dog around to scare off or notify you of animals. Please be careful as you take your dog into the wild though. The dog needs to be trained to trust and obey you. It would be awful if anything happened as you create your own memories with your puppy!


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