5 Ways To Cleanse Your Personal Space Of Negative Energy

Energy is typically viewed in two forms: good and bad.  Good energy is seen as an empowering force, the love that exists within us all.  It is both the means and reward for us acting well or in accordance with a higher power. Bad energy is the complete opposite. Representing selfish desires and sickness spiritually, this force can not be avoided, negative energy is the catalyst for change.You can not truly live with out being effected by this damning force. How we deal with this energy dictates our growth (or lack of) and defines us as individuals. The ability to walk through hardships with our head held high, acting out of loving endurance and clear, positive intentions is the bar that everyone should measure themselves by. This is a wonderfully productive way but difficult way to live.

I realize what a lofty example this is. As you read it, I’m sure justifications for not traversing hard roads as well as possible, jumped to mind. We only do as well as we can in every moment. I’ve personally learned every lesson the hardest way I could envision. I write this not as an expert but a person tired of seeing the same deep scars on others from the same avoidable mistakes.

The playing fields for for these techniques span your heart and mind. You should never try and control these formations because they are performing the duties they are intended for. Your mind is supposed to run down every possibility, from the terrible, amazing, surprising and selfish. How else do we expand abstract concepts without looking every rock, including the dirty ones? In the same vein, the heart feels whatever it can. This is awful because it seems to be doing its own thing regardless of conscious desire. It is still YOUR heart! Have faith that it is working in your favor.

Take A Break

You are not calling it quits, or being weak in any way. Step away from the experience you’re living through. Examine the situation you find yourself. Smile, you got this! If you can’t figure out what to do breathe and understand this is momentary. You may not have the answer now but don’t worry this is not the end. With no answer apparent, focus on consolidating your resources. Do what you can and shift priorities.


Turn your focus away from anything external and focus on you in your entirety. Your breath can melt away stress and embolden your spirit if you let it. Take the time to examine your health. Thank various elements of your self for what they do.

Take A Bath

Water is a healing element in every culture across the world. Heat to your comfort level and add some oils or other desired ingredients. Feel the water wash away your negativity and enjoy rejuvenation.

Talk About It

While this one seems obvious it is often hard to do. In the age of self help and independence no one wants to rely on anyone, or drag someone down to ‘their level’. Speak to someone you trust. What level are you afraid to drag someone down to? The human level is the only one I recognise. Chances are they need to talk about something as well. Everyone is going or has gone through hardships, you may find yourself surprised by the lack of judgement.

Pay Attention To Your Physical Self

 All this metaphysic and mindful introspection does not nourish the body. A hungry or fatigued person does not handle adversity well. Eat a snack or take a nap! The problem will still be there when you wake!

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