The Greatest Spiritual Awakening You Can Have In Your Life

The transition between the Solar Plexus and the Heart is one of the biggest leaps in consciousness that anyone can make in their lifetime. It is the transition between an individual awareness of self, and the awareness of you as a part of a much larger organism.

Many of us can have this experience as children, but the truth is it happens differently for everyone, for some it may come at the very end of your life, and for others, at the very beginning.

If you think about the way in which we experience reality, it most certainly appears as though everyone has their own personal lens through which they can observe reality around them

As we look deeper into the nature of our own ‘personal reality lens’, we see that this lens is colored by many other lenses that are the closest to you personally. Meaning, if you grow up in a family of 4, your own view of the world, your lens, will be colored by the shared experiences that you had with 3 other close people to you.

It is a mental, emotional, and spiritual reflection. Your not PHYSICALLY looking through the eyeballs of your brother, but you are still feeling them emotionally, seeing them in your mind, and connecting with them spiritually, in the realm where all things are One.

Once we grow up, and leave home to adventure and see the world, our view of the world changes with it, because our own personal lens is now taking in the data from many more lenses and viewpoints than it had before, and we change who we are.

The spiritual path is the one of the learner. When we recognize that we can learn from everyone, reality opens up and becomes bigger. There are more possibilities, more connections to be made, and you realize that you can do far more than you ever previously thought you could. This is living in the question, like from this video here.

It is in this way, that we begin to learn to see with clarity through the minds eye. We can see the collective mind, begin to understand why people act the way that they do, and begin to learn to communicate in a way that uplifts those around you constantly.

This really comes down to the core point that i’d like to discuss in this article, and that is of course, being a good person.

How does one “be a good person?” you might ask? Well, lets look up the origins of the word, and see what we get.

good (adj.)

Old English god (with a long “o”) “excellent, fine; valuable; desirable, favorable, beneficial; full, entire, complete;” of abstractions, actions, etc., “beneficial, effective; righteous, pious;” of persons or souls, “righteous, pious, virtuous;” probably originally “having the right or desirable quality,”

Did you catch that?

The origin of “Good” was god with a long ‘o’. 

Spiritual striving to be valuable, favorable, beneficial, whole, effective, righteous —> These are what break down the boundaries between all people. Regardless of gender, regardless of class, race, belief system. If you act in a way that is in harmony with the world around you, and strive to bring virtue to those around you, you will be virtuous, and will ultimately be “a good person.

If everyone woke up tomorrow and acted that way, it wouldn’t take more than a couple of days for all of us to create a new way of life together, one of collaboration, and celebration.

Peace to you and yours,

ps. This article was inspired by this article, which you can read over here!

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