5 Ways To Get High Naturally Without Drugs

Everyone enjoys that ‘cloud nine’ feeling but do we have to resort to external chemical aids to achieve that feeling? I’ve got great news, answer is a resounding no! Any external intoxicant effects a handful of major chemicals that are mood markers for humans. These would include Dopamine, Serotonin, Endorphins and their many derivatives. Through out your life they are in constant flux depending on what your doing, eating or spending your energy. Here are some ways to get the most umph out of really fun practices.


The meditative high is no joke, you will walk away from your practice with whatever you need. I started my practise as a matter of understanding and nurturing my darker side. As my practise grew, I started to practise just for the fun of it. This is Where I recommend beginners start their practise. Just sit and pay attention to what’s going on in between your ears. Have fun with it and experiment a little. There are so many templates it can be a little dizzying but as long as there is a central and consistent theme your very likely on the right path.

The greatest part of this habitual ‘use’ is there are no downsides. I promise you will get back ten fold whatever you put in, and you can put whatever you want i. Personally crafted high that provides medical benefits. There are a slew of benefits spread across the internet but here is a list, if a free high isn’t enough.

Ecstatic dance

There is something beautiful and unique about dancing to music that you love. The way you dance and what you dance to has a direct influence to the degree of consciousness you reach. The music moves you spiritually, distracting you mentally while your body works those endorphins up into a fury. The sum of these actions creates a positive sense of self that will stick with you at least a day or so. A few calories for a couple of good feeling days? Worth it in my book.


This option is my favorite and I try to do it everyday. Your body feels vibrant and you have a glow to you that others will notice for a while. Reconnecting with your body will help you diagnose other ways you might want to treat yourself with natural highs. I have personally seen more people’s attitudes and lifestyles change dramatically, for the better after even just 3 yoga sessions. I recommend a heated class for a ‘great body high’. But if you’ve never done on before start with a basic Vinyasa class, as the heated class are intense and injuries happen. For those searching for a spiritual experience or mental buzz a Kundalini would be right up your alley. There are times I feel I need to scoop myself back into my body afterward!

Mindful breathing

This one is kind of like my cigarette without smoking. I use it anytime I’m frustrated or overstimulated. Count your inward breaths to ten. Start working again continuing to breathe again to ten before you release your breath.While your breathing your mind will call attention to what is bothering or too up your face. It’s vital you smile to it inwardly and release it with your next deep exhale. This is far more effective than smoking for stress management and won’t give you cancer!

Conscious Love Making

Sex is great but if you’re looking for more than a work out take your time and show your love! Besides a myriad of chemicals that feel awesome in your body, your spirit is being nurtured and your mind is focused. What will set this apart is the intention you set and the way you can non verbally communicate a deep seated love to your partner.

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