2016… Looking back, to see forward

If we were to look at 2015 as a whole… what would it look like?

Every year, as we grow and change with the winds and the tides, we reach these turning points. Points of no return, where we continually step further into the mystery of our evolution. No, really! When was the last time that humans had a physical electrical neural network wrapping around the planet that allowed every single person to communicate and interact with each other on a global scale?

100 years ago, we hardly even had CARS!

And so, life is made anew, once again, at the turn of a new year. What the next year brings is but a mystery, but we can gain insight into our future by looking back, and learning, from the lessons of our past.

This video that Google put together, portrays some of the big ones.

2015 had a lot of lessons for me. I mean, a LOT. Most were about trust, and knowing the different types of people that are out there. But I also learned how to build a giant octagonal rabbit and chicken home… and I’m sure i’ll show you pictures of it in the future. We’re still putting the finishing touches on it.

Happy New Year everyone, from all of us at Spirit Science!


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