Eight Powerful Habits To Practice In The New Year

 As the new year is upon us, it is that time again for self reflection, introspection and understanding. 2015 was different for everyone, there will always be positive and negative aspects in each year as our world is infinitely vast and our actions differ drastically.

Many had a great year while many did not. It’s time for us to collectively come together and ensure our future is filled with joy. It is up to each of us to take responsibility for what is happening on this planet and create a solution together. 

One: Practice meditation

By now, most people should know the positive effects of meditation on both their physical health and mental state. Yet many of us still can’t seem to find the time to sit peacefully for a few minutes.
It can only take 5 to 10 minute to focus on our breath, clear our minds and raise our emotional state. Meditation is perfect for reflecting on who we are, why we do what we do and how we shift out of behaviors that will no longer serve us in the new year.

It is a chance to completely reset our vibrational states and then act within that mindset of understanding. incorporating this into your routine even just a few times a week will drastically change how you interact with the world. Make 2016 the year of mindfulness!

Two: Practice Movement

Similar to meditation, walking can be used as a meditation of motion. It is a vital exercise, not just for our bodies but for our mental and emotional well being too. Countless studies show the positive effects on how our brain processes information when we’ve taken a 20 minute walk.

If you live in a city, find a near by park or place you like to walk to. Maybe walk to your friends house more often, take your dog out, walk around taking pictures or making a video.

Find compelling reasons to move your body that reward you in the end. By the end of a fun walk in the park, you can have a photo album to look back on or something positive that makes you want to do it again. We spend an incredibly high amount of our time sitting still while we work, it’s time to mix work and play together. Make 2016 the year of motion! 

Three: Practice Completion

New-Equations-Body-Resonant-Music-The-Source-Symphony-Artwork-by-Siska-ToveyProcrastination is something many of us struggle with. Something that can drastically help our work habits is starting to work on something as soon as you get it.
For example if you get an email or a task to do, do it in that moment. You’ll get a lot more done in a much shorter amount of time when you finish what you start in one go.

Rather than taking all day to accomplish a few tasks, you can get a into a great flow of productivity and use a much smaller amount of time and get a lot more done. This is great to put into practice if you get stressed of overwhelmed easily.

Getting tasks off your list right away feel more rewarding. Once you get into the swing of it, it can become a normal habit of yours; it’s a great skill to acquire. Make 2016 the year of completion!

Four: Practice Honesty

What does it really mean to come from your heart? It’s truly seeing the value in clear, open communication, even when it seems difficult. A lot of the times our problems are a result of miscommunication. A lot can be solved with clarity through the connection that comes with communicating.autism-communication-information

The actual act of healing comes through that heart connection that brings us closer together. Verbal communication is the most direct and simple way to create that bridge with someone.  It feels good to be as honest and open as possible.

Many of us have been embedded with mental programs that make us feel like being vulnerable is being weak, and we can get hurt easily.

It is much more painful to keep your emotions, thoughts and expressions to yourself. We are creatures of expression, we are meant to cry out to each other, to ask for help and learn from each other. Practice with your family, your close friends and people you trust to be as brutally open as you can be. Make 2016 the year of transparency! 

Five: Practice Routine

office-meditationMost of us don’t like schedules, and for good reason. We aren’t meant to limit ourselves so much, after all we are infinite beings of light.

Your schedule should be something that aids you greatly and your productivity. Set specific times for when you’d like to do anything, even things like walk, relax, cook food, anything.

Get into the swing of creating specific times for specific things to take place. It shouldn’t be a limit, it should be freeing. It should be a tool to get more done, so you have more time to do what you’d like to be doing. Setting aside time to do things and then visually seeing a completed task on a piece of paper, computer or where ever you put it, is rewarding.

It’s rewarding to set yourself up success and then complete your goals, even if they are short term. It’s creating the mental pathways in your brain to set long term, big time goals for yourself.  Make 2016 the year of organization! 

Six: Practice Acceptance

Open your mind. As we are all collectively entering into new paradigms and creating new realizations, having acceptance is key. This doesn’t mean blindly accept everything you hear, rather, understand that everything exists. Somewhere in the infinite vastness of the universe, within the infinite parallel realities and microcosm of reality; there exists everything. There are impossible ideas and contradicting thoughts.accept the world

Most of it is incomprehensible by the human mind, and that’s okay. At this point in our consciousness, we are only suppose to understand so much. Accept new ideas you haven’t thought of before.
Accept different ways of life, strange possibilities, bizarre understandings and everything will be much clearer.

Just because we don’t understand something, doesn’t mean it’s not real.  Question your believe system and what you’ve been taught. Always ask why, never stop asking why. Make 2016 the year of perception. 

Seven: Practice Growth

accept the world 6

Personal growth can look very different for each of us. When expanding your mind, introspection is key. It’s never the answer to be hard on yourself, but really questioning your behavior, what makes you tick and why you do what you do is the beginning of your growth.

If you keep doing the same thing that produces a result you don’t like; it’s time to change your actions. Many of us have been living the same programs we’ve been taught through our parents. I make mistakes all the time, and always try to defend them instead of taking responsibility for my actions.

Focus on the results you are creating and if they make you and the people around you feel good. If people point out things you can improve on, don’t be defensive; see it as an exciting opportunity to grow into that person you’ve always wanted to be.

 See it as an inspiration for change. See it as you growing into your true self, rather than replacing an old you. Make 2016 the year of growth. 

Eight: Practice Difference

If you’re shy in public, try giving someone a smile. If you usually eat this kind of food, choose that one this time. If you usually exhibit a behavior that produce poor results, try to consciously change it so you can rewire your brain patterns to create a reality you want.
Life giving love

The constant growth is what makes us human, to get stuck in a specific behavior that doesn’t results and growth is inhibiting your true potential. We should be excited and inspired to grow, not resistant to it.

If you usually sit with your legs and arms crossed, trying opening yourself. This is actually a lot more uncomfortable than it seems if you’re used to doing it all the time.

Change up what you do, what you wear and how you act into the self that generates the results that brings you joy. At first, it might seem impossible to make these new pathways in your neurons, but it’s never too late to have a synaptic leap.  Make 2016 the year of change.

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