4 Steps To Transcend Your Personal Growth

Like any area of expertise, spirituality has its own set of unique jargon terms that people love to bandy around. Among the more vague terms are ideas like surrender, acceptance and transcendence.

The dictionary defines transcend as the ability to ‘rise above’, ‘triumph over’ and ‘outstrip or outdo’, and this is, in a nutshell, what we are aiming to do here: rise above the pain and drama, skip the hard lessons and dive right into resonating with the new level of being.

Why does transcending work?

The purpose of any spiritual or energy healing process is to raise your awareness and consciousness so that what you’re thinking and doing is aligned to the vibratory output of your higher self.



The way that we raise your consciousness is to help you move past the errors in perception you’ve had and correct you to a right way of thinking once again. During this process we remove and clear a lot of pain so that you can obtain the understanding that you need to think and operate from a new, more aware level.

For most people, this journey does go the long way around through all the pain and drama, because they:

  1. Don’t believe that immediate and miraculous healing is possible
  2. Have too many layers of information and clearing that they think they need to go through
  3. Limit themselves by believing that they have to have every bit of knowledge and understanding along the way
  4. Try to control the situation and outcome

What you discover along the path though is that you are moving towards a feeling – in fact all healing is about this: making you feel better and happier and more aligned.

Transcending works because it jumps over all the pain and detail and takes you straight to the place of divine feeling – which is where you were headed in the first place.

Once you’re in that space of resonating with the energy of the new way of being you’ll discover that you don’t really need all the detail and information that came from the pain, and the behaviors and actions of someone who is truly aligned to this resonance will come to you very naturally and automatically.

1. Consciousness & awareness

Consciousness and awareness are also very vague spiritual terms, and in a nutshell they can be wrapped up in the death-and-transformationfollowing statement: ‘Think before you speak or act.’

With consciousness and awareness you are no longer running on default patterns and habits, you are making decisions about everything you think, say and do in every single moment. You run your body, you don’t let it run you.

Don’t get me wrong; this is NOT easy to do. You have to be vigilant every second, aware of every little thing you are thinking, saying or doing. You have to be present and focused and constantly focused.

Once you get it right though, it’s really easy to turn situations around using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: you notice when you’re doing something you don’t want to be doing and CHOOSE to behave differently.

2. Ego mitigation & forgiveness

As you consciously become aware of each challenge and situation you’re facing, your ego is going to go into overdrive and it’s going to begin to push back – hard.

When this happens, you’re going to experience a one or a number of different ego emotions:

  1. Judgement
  2. Fear
  3. Guilt
  4. Frustration
  5. Impatience
  6. Jealousy, Envy & CompetitionWhat-is-Transcendental-Meditation
  7. Shame
  8. Humiliation
  9. Embarrassment
  10. Vulnerability
  11. Doubt
  12. Resistance
  13. Awe
  14. Admiration

To sum it up an ego emotion is anything that causes you to feel inferior or superior to any other person in any way.

When you head off on a growth path, your ego loves to throw these emotions out to confuse and disorientate you, because that’s exactly what they’re designed to do: to make you doubt yourself so that you stop walking this path that will eventually lead to the death of your ego.

The fastest and simplest way to overcome any ego reaction is with forgiveness.

a transforming

Ego responses are about the pain we experience when we perceive a situation that somehow triggers the inferiority and superiority of ego. Each one of these perceived slights adds to and builds up the pool of karma surrounding our soul or that relationship.

When you forgive you release the ego emotions affiliated to that event, you release yourself from having to relive and resolve the issue on the karmic level. Basically, forgiveness creates a collapse of time that means that future events do not have to occur in order to redress the imbalance.

With every step you take along the path to forgiveness, you release more and more of your ego until your soul finally has control of what is happening in your world.

3. Surrender & acceptance

Often our lessons take a long time to break through because we resist a particular potential outcome.

So whatever it is that you are avoiding in your development curve, whatever it is that you don’t want to accept that will come to pass, accept and surrender to that.

accept the world 4

Acceptance is difficult for us because we know that we are Masters of Creation, princes and princesses of the cosmos who know ourselves through the wonder that we express in our creations.

Surrender forces us to accept something as real that is outside of our perceived creation, and it feels like we are betraying ourselves.

Often though the lesson is a duality: you have to accept the polar opposite of what you want in order to have a true chance at having it at all. And you have to let go of all attachment to having it… while keeping hope that it can and will be yours.

Read more on how to surrender to and accept situations at http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/how-to-surrender-to-and-accept-situations

4. Appreciation & gratitude

Appreciation and gratitude are your fastest tools for speeding up any process of manifestation – and what you’re manifesting is a new way of being.

  • Give thanks for every breakthrough, large and small
  • Give thanks that you are strong enough to shoulder this load and be chosen
  • accept the world 6Give thanks for every bit of progress
  • Acknowledge and celebrate yourself for your achievements
    • Give yourself a reward
    • Share and acknowledge yourself with a friend
    • Engage a friend or practitioner that can mirror your growth back to you

The more you acknowledge and celebrate yourself and your achievements, the more of them there will be to celebrate.

By adding gratitude to your particular learning curve, you also give your mind a place to go to find information and something to say during the little moments of each day.

This means you don’t have to go through the default pattern of letting your mind be occupied by negative and destructive thought patterns that will trip you up – you just overload and drown the negativity out with gratitude for whatever you can find to be appreciative of.

As an added bonus, putting thanks out on an ongoing basis means you are reinforcing your desires ongoing: that extra bit of effort combined with the removal of the negative thinking will manifest your desires significantly more quickly.

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