Why 2016 Is Suppose To Be A Special Year For Libras

Libra’s are generally the ones with overachieving in cleanliness, manners, social cues, and refinement of all things. Libra’s usually lead pretty elegant and delicate lives, however, these past years have not been so kind to the Libra kin. Even going back as far as July 2009, Libra’s have been suffering from being deprived of refinement.

This coming year of 2016 will not be the same as these past few.

2016 for Libra’s is going to reverse a lot of their adversities and obstacles that you have been faced with. As soon as our great planet of good fortune, Jupiter, enters into Libra on the date of September 9th for it to reside for thirteen months all the way into October 10th of 2017.

Each new year, we enter not as a newborn child, but as an individual with previous experience, dreams, relationships, and a variety of other feats under your belt. As Saturn entered Libra, you were thrown into despair and were taught a variety of hard lessons all at once.

For two years that Saturn resided in Libra for you become more mature and be able to reason with yourself all of the emotions that you endured during it’s painful period of time. You have come to great revelations about yourself and how you do not need others who are going to constantly sap the energy away from you.

You have learned a lot since Saturn was in place.

The lessons were spread out through the years, each individually teaching you how to become the person you were meant to be.

You now have better expectations of yourself and others, you are able to understand that you are less likely to be thrown over when life gives you more adversities, and even now you have learned that you are way more resourceful than you once were.

The Emerald Year for Libra’s is finally setting foot into 2016. I hope you all are ready!


Feature picture: Guangjian Huang

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